National French Fry Day Thursday Rundown

Happy Thursday, friends! It is peak summertime and I hope you are enjoying every second of it. Let’s begin tonight’s rundown…

Ice Cold – Is the Reser family the only ones out there who throw ice? One of our longstanding traditions is to empty the cooler at the end of the day and then proceed to practice our aim. The other day I overturned the cooler in our own backyard and as the kids and I started to chuck ice, Sid asked, “Did you do that when you were young or something?” You bet! We are the best at cheap entertainment!

We got to do some ice throwing at my parents’ house on the Fourth of July.

Soda Machine Update – I have documented the magical soda machines on the side of the road here in Spokane and raved about the inexpensive prices. Sadly, a couple weeks ago I broke the news that the sodas would increase in price on July 6. At the time I didn’t know what the price increase would be but I now have that info. Beau and I paid a visit to the machines last week and the prices doubled. The 12 oz. cans increased from $.25 to $.50 and the 20 oz. bottles jumped from $.50 to $1. This is a pretty significant hike and it definitely takes some of the mystique away from the machines.

As Beau tries to steal a soda from the machine on the right, you can see that the machines have the new prices clearly displayed on them.

National French Fry Day – Today is National French Fry Day and because of that I must bring back the beloved French Fry chart that ranks and explains the different varieties of my wife’s favorite food. More than 7 years ago, I wrote about this chart and asked two questions: 1. Why aren’t spicy fries on the list? AND 2. Why are tater tots on the list? I wrote a lot more so you will just have to read the blog post but besides a couple of questionable calls on this chart, I sure think it is a thing of beauty.

This list ranking french fries is pretty cool.

Latest Beau Daycare Photos – St. Paschal’s Childcare recently sent home the prints from Beau’s latest photoshoot and once again they are so cute. Our son’s daycare went with an ocean theme this month and I had a hard time choosing which one to include in this post. I ended up opting for the the below image of him holding the lifesaver although the shots of him without the prop are adorable too.

Ahoy, Beau!

Capone – I have been on an Al Capone kick lately. Last week I finished a lengthy biography on the notorious gangster and I followed that up with watching “The Untouchables.” The film is from 1987 and it stars Robert De Niro as Capone and Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness, a government agent and arch nemesis of Capone. The movie is historical fiction at best but it was fun to see two blockbuster actors star in a movie that was made when I was 1. There is also a shootout scene with a baby stroller that will put you on the edge of your seat. If the movie appeals to you at all, you can catch it on Paramount+.

“The Untouchables” wasn’t bad but was highly fictionalized.


Thanks for taking the time to read another Don’t Blink blog post. I wish you an awesome July weekend! Don’t Blink.