Worms In Dirt Thursday Rundown

Good evening, my highly esteemed readers! As we close out September tomorrow, let me give you some of the final joy you will receive this month with my Thursday Rundown…

Best September – There is no place in this country that can hold a candle to the perfect weather we had in Spokane this month. Perhaps it was Mother Nature’s way of throwing us a bone after a delayed start to summer, but the weather we have enjoyed in September has been nothing short of spectacular. The mix of warmth, slight briskness, and zero humidity all contributed to many beautiful days and prime “eating outside” weather. Just this past Sunday we celebrated my brother’s birthday on my parents’ back deck and it was glorious. Hey October, feel free to pick up where September left off.

All smiles this past weekend as we celebrated my brother’s birthday on the back deck of my parents.

Worms in Dirt – At the beginning of the month, I shared an animal cookie donut that Sloan devoured from Casual Friday Donuts. I thought it made sense to share a different type of donut she ate at the end of the month. After good behavior at mass, she once again had the chance to pick a treat from behind the Casual Friday Donut glass and she chose the “Worms in Dirt” donut. The play on the popular children’s dessert-themed donut garnered the same rave review that the animal cookie one did.

Sloan holding her “worms in dirt” donut from Casual Friday Donuts.

Froyo Flashback – Back in the infancy of my blog, I used it as an excuse to do a lot of unhealthy things. Case in point: On this date nine years ago, I chronicled my Spokane froyo tour. During the peak of the froyo craze, I visited three froyo shops during a weekend visit from Missoula. In the same vein as area coffee stands that I wrote about yesterday, the froyo joints were all essentially similar but did have a couple attributes of distinction. You can read my froyo post from Sept. 29, 2013, by clicking here.

A photo of me at Froyo Earth in Spokane during my froyo tour of the city in September 2013.

First Ever Top Ten – I was a fan of David Letterman when he had his late night show. Heck, I even went to a taping of it when I visited New York. I always enjoyed his top ten lists and even had a book that featured a compilation of them. This month marks the 37th anniversary of when Letterman presented his first ever top ten list. I saw that original list on Twitter and I found it be very….um…unfunny? #SorryNotSorry.

Am I missing something?

What Happened? – Blame it on me. I jinxed it. Earlier this month, I wrote with jubilation about gas prices going down. Well, I went to bed last night and when I woke up this morning I swear prices jumped 50 cents per gallon. And don’t tell me Hurricane Ian is responsible. I hope they go back down as quickly as they went up.

Gas jumped to $4.79 this morning at the station closest to my house. What happened?!


September was awesome but I am a big fan of October for many reasons…including one that entails cake. Have a safe and relaxing weekend. Don’t Blink.

Cafeteria Line Thursday Countdown

Thank you for finding your way to brentreser.com. You chose a good time to stop by because tonight I present another Thursday Rundown edition. Here we go with five random topics…

Eating Lunch At School – Last Friday I ate lunch with Sidney at the school she teaches at. I have visited her for lunch before but this time was unique. Instead of just hanging out or bringing Subway with me, I ate the actual hot lunch. On the menu was pizza and it looked like it had not changed one bit since I was last in elementary school some 17 years ago. But I would say the taste had improved. I enjoyed eating my pizza, pinto beans, veggies, and low fat Cheetos while meeting Mrs. Reser’s class.

This was my lunch at Sidney's school.

This was my lunch at Sidney’s school.

That One Time I Was in a Music Video – Two years ago, Darius Rucker released his music video for “Homegrown Honey.” At the time, I knew I had a shot at making an appearance in it just because I had participated in the filming. However, my better judgment told me that I probably wouldn’t make the cut. Much to my pleasure, I did in fact make a “cameo” in the video. Although for only a second or two, I am clearly visible at the 1:42 mark.

I made the cut in Darius Rucker's "Homegrown Honey" video.

I made the cut in Darius Rucker’s “Homegrown Honey” video.

Weekend Plans – This weekend I will be heading over to Clemson with Sidney and her family. We are making the trip to Death Valley to watch the college football blockbuster of the week as the #5 Tigers host the #3 Louisville Cardinals. Another reason for the trip is the chance for me to see my friend, Kenny. He is traveling all the way from Seattle to watch the game and cheer on his uncle who happens to be the head football coach at Louisville. It won’t be the first time I meet Kenny in Clemson. Two years ago we met up for the same matchup. The Tigers defeated the Cardinals that day so I am sure Kenny (and Coach Petrino) will have revenge on their minds.

Kenny and I on the sidelines in Clemson's Memorial Stadium in October of 2014.

Kenny and I on the sidelines in Clemson’s Memorial Stadium in October of 2014.

Debate Reaction – I must say that Monday’s debate was every bit as advertised. I sat on the couch for 90 minutes and happily watched as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battled it out. It is tough for me to judge a winner but I was surprised that Trump didn’t act more restrained. I know he got to this point by being outrageous but I thought he would have tried to tone it down just a little bit in hopes of persuading undecided voters (like myself). I can’t wait for the next one!

From the Archives – Three years ago I followed through on one of my many dumb blog ideas. During a weekend in Spokane with my family, I visited three different froyo places and gorged myself on ice cream. I then reviewed each location for factors such as taste, toppings, cleanliness, etc. If you are a froyo fan, you should really read my post.

Myself at Did's Froyo and Pizza

I visited three different froyo places in a weekend in September of 2013. This was one of them.


As always, thanks for your support of this blog. Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to touching base again on Sunday. Don’t Blink.