Menace Thursday Rundown

It might be past Labor Day and school might be in session, but I know a lot of people don’t want to say goodbye to summer just yet. If that is you, just continue to do you. And I will do me by writing another Thursday Rundown…

Back on the Prep Gridiron – Last Friday, Sloan and I attended our first high school football game of the year. We went to East Valley High School which is just a couple minutes from our house to watch the Knights take on the Deer Park Stags. We met my dad there and enjoyed a gorgeous evening under the lights. It was an exciting football game as Deer Park held on for a 34-30 victory. Even after 18 years since I last played prep football, I still get a special feeling when I go to a game. I love it.

Sloan at the East Valley High School football stadium prior to kickoff.

Special Donut – After mass on Sunday, St. Mary didn’t offer coffee and donuts. Since Sloan was decent during church, she got to go to Casual Friday Donuts for her sugary treat fix. She chose the animal cookie donut that had approximately 10 of the pink and white cookies stacked in the middle. It was a unique pastry that Sloan said was delicious.

Sloan with her animal cookie donut from Casual Friday Donuts.

Sloan’s Back to School Board – In case you couldn’t read Sloan’s back to school board in the photos of her holding it yesterday, here is an up-close look. Sid purchased the template online, filled in the fields with Sloan’s info, printed it out at Office Depot, and bought a frame at Walmart.

This is Sloan’s back to school board created by Sidney,

Temp Check – When I scrolled through the comics section in yesterday’s paper, this Dennis the Menace strip caught my eye. I could relate to Mr. Wilson’s assessment but from a reverse perspective. Growing up, my mom would always announce that I was shaking my illness based on my behavior. If I was ever nearing the end stages of a nasty bug and I could summon the strength to once again be mean to my brother or make fun of my sister, my mom would exclaim loudly for everyone to hear, Well, Brent must be feeling better!

I could relate to this Dennis the Menace comic strip.

Latest Gas Price – Okay, let’s bring this rundown home with a gas update. This Amerimart on Sullivan in Spokane Valley is selling gas for $4.29 per gallon. That is down dramatically from my previous update roughly two months ago when gas was $4.99 per gallon. In fact, it is down a whole dollar from the $5.29 per gallon I was forking over in June. Perhaps even on a more symbolic note, it is under the $4.39 per gallon price that caused me to lash out in March over the alarming escalation of gas prices (little did I know how bad it would get). Come on gas prices, keep going down!

It won’t hurt my feelings if gas prices continue to go down.


Time to adjourn this rundown. Thanks for taking time to read my blog and keep stretching out your summer! Don’t Blink.

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