Pizza and Chips

The other night, we had our family priest over at the house for dinner. We had pizza and as we went into the kitchen to fix our plates, I made an announcement:

“In Sidney’s family, they always pair chips with pizza and we have embraced that tradition in our house too.”

Next to our two boxes of pizza, we had a bag of Doritos and a bag of potato chips. Perhaps I didn’t need to offer the background of how Sid’s family spiced up pizza night, but I find it endearing and I don’t think a little bit of context is bad.

Okay, wait. I am not talking about chips on pizza like this picture shows (I was holding the Papa John’s Fritos pizza). I am talking about chips with pizza.

Fr. Jeff didn’t think too much about its eccentricity until Sid piped in.

“Is that weird? I never thought pizza and chips was a weird combination. Did you know Brent’s family eats tater tots with their tacos?”

You mean tater tots and tacos isn’t 100% normal? I immediately started thinking about the combo. Sid might have a point.

Sid and I then quizzed Fr. Jeff about what combination he thought was a little more obscure: Pizza and chips or tacos and tater tots?

He said pizza and chips.

To be fair, I think tacos and tater tots might be a regional thing. Fr. Jeff and I grew up in an area where taco fast food places are as prevalent as chicken fast food places were for Sidney in the South. If you go to a restaurant like Taco Time, the signature side item is mexi-fries, which are just glorified tater tots. But I bring this up to illustrate that we were conditioned from an early age that tacos and tater tots go together, just like Sid was with pizza and chips.

So now I turn it over to you, readers. Which combination is more “normal” to you: Pizza and chips or tacos and tater tots?

There is no wrong answer, but your opinion and reasoning are both valued. Don’t Blink.

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