Writing Another Rundown

Where the heck is April going? Are we really already three weeks in? Are we really less than ten days away from May? Oh my. Let’s not waste anymore time and get right to the Thursday Rundown.

Banner Week for My Blog – Two big reasons contributed to this week earning a spot in the top three busiest weeks ever for Don’t Blink. First, Barry Anderson retired. Who is Barry Anderson? He is better known as the mascot named Benny the Bull. Before that, he was Monte at the University of Montana. I worked with him multiple times and wrote this blog post about him. When his retirement was announced this past weekend, it resulted in thousands of Chicago Bulls fans visiting my site. Good luck in the next stage of your life, Barry (and thanks for the traffic).

The second reason for an influx of traffic was my “The Truth About a Bar Rescue Experience” post from Sunday. It just so happened that a major paraody Facebook page, Server Memes, decided to share it. I have no idea how they found it but I will take it! It was a great week for Don’t Blink.

Our New Show – Sidney and I have found our newest show! You can watch a program on Netflix called “Love.” The series tells the story of two people in their early thirties who have different careers and very different lives. However, they meet by chance and start to fall for each other. The show is hilarious and I really like the male lead. He is a nerdy/awkward type and has me constantly laughing. Check it out.

I recommend watching "Love."

I recommend watching “Love.”

Purchase – Sidney and I made our first big purchase as a soon-to-be married couple. Last Thursday we bought a couch! After work, Sid called me and had me stop by America’s Furniture Warehouse. She was looking at furniture and wanted me to give her opinion on a few couches. We never intended to buy that day but there was one couch I sat down in and didn’t get up from it until I told the salesman we would take it. The couch itself is reason enough to get excited about moving in with Sid!

Say hello to our new couch.

Say hello to our new couch.

More Speaking – This morning I spoke to a commerical recreation class about social media here at Coastal Carolina. Professors are adding social media principles to the curriculum more and more as I have spoken in several different classrooms this semester. I enjoy the opportunities because I get to engage with college students and also talk about what I do. Thankfully it also allows me to improve my public speaking skills. I am not a natural speaker but I feel I am getting better.

Wedding Update #28 – Sidney keeps telling people that the major responsibilities are taken care of. Now it is just handling the smaller things that will come up over these final 50 days. This past weekend, Sid’s mom finalized the reception dinner menu. Relatives of the bride are also now in the process of planning Sidney’s bridal shower. Little or big, each new development is exciting as we inch closer to the date.

We are 50 days away from the big date!

We are 50 days away from the big date!


Enjoy your last full weekend of April. Sidney is scheduled to be with you on Sunday so please be nice to her as she once again takes over my blog. The pressure is on her to leadoff a week that will be as successful as this one. Don’t Blink.

Working Hard to Succeed at Public Speaking

Last Thursday I touched on how I presented at the Coastal Carolina University Board of Trustees meeting. Even for the seasoned executive officer countless steps above me at our university, standing up in front of this group can cause nerves. Talking in front of the people who oversee the governance of our institution is a tall order. Throw in the President sitting front and center along with media members listening in on every word and you can imagine how speaking at a board meeting could possibly leave you sleepless the night before.

Lucky for me, I managed to hold my own when I took the podium. Words came out, Powerpoint worked, and the room applauded.

I am not a natural public speaker. I am so envious of the people who can talk in front of large groups on a whim. You just call their name and they hop up on stage and articulate, charm, and impress. If I could pick my talents, I would definitely choose effortless public speaking as one of them.

Ever since I was young I had to amply work on presentations and speeches well before my date up in front of the class. Plenty of time would be spent in my parents’ kitchen rehearsing my lines while the microwave timer counted the length of my spiel. For the most part my preparation would pay off and my presentations would go well. However, while a sophomore in high school I learned that I could never be too prepared.

I was in a combined honors English/history class. The end of the year assignment was to get up in front of the class and deliver a talk on globalization. As an aid we were able to use just a small post-it note to use as a guide. I thought I practiced enough but I knew in my heart that I did not have a good verbal grasp on the concept at the time. I went up in front of the roughly 50 students who comprised that class and stumbled through the presentation. At one point I even awkwardly paused mid-speech as the words just wouldn’t come out. It was an embarrassing ordeal.

From that moment on I made sure that I would never go into a speaking engagement underprepared again. Whenever I was to talk in front of people I made sure to go overboard on getting ready for the big date. My determination to not have another sophomore moment served me well. I got through the rest of high school, aced public speaking class in college, and adequately performed in front of groups big/small/casual/important since starting my professional career. While my confidence has grown, my tendency to take any speech lightly has not.

In order for me to be impactful while speaking in front of people I need to practice. I also need to visualize. I spend a good amount of time thinking about what the room is going to look like, where people will be sitting, and what I will need to do to make sure my technology works. I might stress myself out but I have learned that in the end it is absolutely worth it.

No, I will never be able to naturally light up a room and have everyone rolling on the floor in laughter at a second’s notice. However, I have developed the skills to speak professionally and persuasively in important situations. For me, it just takes work. Don’t Blink.