Halloween Costumes 2022

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a great day/evening while making good choices. That’s right folks, be safe.

Today marks the third Halloween that we have been blessed with two kids to dress up. Although we are yet to dress Sloan and Beau in themed costumes, I did make this TikTok video that chronicles their Halloween history together.

But this blog post isn’t about the past. Instead, this post is about Halloween 2022 and the costumes that Sloan and Beau will be wearing tonight. Let’s begin with the eldest.

Introducing Sloan and Beau for Halloween 2022!

Sloan is a witch this year. As will be even more obvious when we get to Beau, Sid and I went for convenience and thriftiness in 2022. Putting together a witch costume isn’t that difficult and it only really entailed us purchasing a witch’s hat and black skirt. We added everything else with stuff we had around the house, including a magic wand.

Sloan is a witch this year.

Beau is Georgie Pig from Peppa Pig. If you remember, Sloan was Peppa three years ago. That costume came in handy this year. As I mentioned in a recent Thursday Rundown blog post, Beau found the Peppa costume and wore it for a day. However, we didn’t necessarily want him to revive the female costume for Halloween. So Sidney went to Walmart and purchased a $2 shirt that is similar to what Georgie wears. She made alterations to the Peppa costume and fit it with the Georgie shirt to totally transform it. Beau is now a convincing Georgie.

Beau is Georgie Pig this year.

We have enjoyed a few Halloween activities this month but tonight is the main event. If a witch and pig come to your door tonight, I hear that their dad…oops…I mean themselves…really enjoy Reese’s peanut butter cups. Don’t Blink.