A Winning Thursday Rundown

Good evening to all! With it mid-December, I am starting to feel pretty jolly and I hope you have similar feelings as well. I am excited about this week’s Thursday Rundown so let’s get started.

First Place – Sloan’s daycare, Oxford Children’s Academy, is always offering fun events and community building activities. To celebrate its birthday (which was on Dec. 11), OCA challenged families to make a video commemorating the milestone. If you know me well, it will come as no surprise that I couldn’t resist. Sloan, Sidney, and I sat down and recorded a video from the heart. It was announced today that we won first place (and a $50 tuition credit)! To watch the video, click here. As we reflect on our many blessings this holiday season, one thing that sticks out is how fortunate we are to send Sloan to such a loving daycare.

As part of Oxford Children’s Academy birthday festivities, a photo booth was set up. We are so pleased to send Sloan to OCA and completely honored to have won 1st place in the video competition!

Sloan’s Santa Saga – As I mentioned last week, Sloan has Santa issues. This past weekend, we tried to make some progress with her phobia. We attended a delicious Breakfast with Santa event put on by the Knights of Columbus at St. Andrew. Unfortunately, the tears still flowed when we put her on Santa’s lap. But, there was a bright spot (other than the food)! The Knights of Columbus must have some type of “in” with Santa because he brought Mrs. Claus with him. It turned out that Sloan loved his better half. At the start of the breakfast, Mrs. Claus was guiding Sloan around the beautiful tree that was set up in our church’s community center, pointing out different ornaments. By the end of the breakfast, the roles were reversed! Sloan was taking Mrs. Claus by the hand and excitedly pointing at what was hanging from the branches.

Sloan didn’t warm up to Santa at the St. Andrew Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast but she did really enjoy Mrs. Claus.

Christmas Music Program – Last week, the 2nd graders at Palmetto Bays Elementary School staged their holiday music performance. Wanting to show our support, Sloan and I surprised Mrs. Reser a couple minutes prior to the concert. Sid was so happy to see us! Throughout the performance, Sloan danced her heart out and tried to rush the stage. It was pretty cute. Sloan will have her chance to be the center of attention tomorrow as OCA will hold its Christmas performance.

Sloan couldn’t be contained at the Palmetto Bays 2nd grade Christmas program! She just wanted to dance and rush the stage.

Another Holiday Comic Laugh – I can’t help but share these funny Christmas-related comics so I hope you don’t mind. Poor Santa, little does he know about the evolution of his image over the years. I just hope Amazon was able to exchange his purchase for something that will be a little more suitable for Christmas Eve.

Santa was definitely “off the mark” on this.

Interesting Articles – I wanted to share a couple of interesting articles I read last night. The first one is from the New York Times and tells the hilarious story of a Utah government worker who had an email disaster. Intending to send a holiday potluck email to her small unit of workers in the Utah Department of Corrections, she accidentally sent it to all 22,000 government workers in the state! The “reply all” responses that ensued are hilarious!

The second article was sent to me by Lindsay Hickman, a current grad student at CCU. The story describes a near-impossible assignment given by a professor at Missouri State University. The faculty member, holding the belief that it is much harder to go viral than people think (I agree!), challenged his students to do just that. He thought there was no chance that his students could succeed in reaching 7,000 people, let alone 7.75 million. To find out what this group did to get so many views, click here.


It is crazy how fast everything is going. My last day at work for the year will be next Friday! Speaking of a year that is quickly coming to an end, be sure to make these last 18 days of 2018 count. Hope you all have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

The Harvest Hoedown Lunch With Mrs. Reser

One of my absolute favorite things to do is eat lunch with my wife during the work week. It always feels special because it is rare when both of our schedules align. Sid has her class she must watch over (no, she doesn’t get a lunch break…she eats with her students) and it isn’t always easy for me to ditch campus in the middle of the day. However, about twice each year, the opportunity presents itself for me to head out to Palmetto Bays School and eat lunch with Sidney and her 2nd graders.

Today was one of those days. But this time around, there was a fun twist.

The Timberwolves of Palmetto Bays celebrated their Harvest Hoedown. The  staff dressed in festive clothing and, lucky for me, I got a sneak peek of Mrs. Reser’s outfit before she left the house this morning. 

A look at Sid’s outfit before she left the house this morning.

A special lunch was served in conjunction with the Hoedown. The school cooks prepared a delicious BBQ meal for the Palmetto Bays community to enjoy. I had the distinct pleasure of partaking in the feast.

This was today’s Harvest Hoedown menu.

I arrived at the school at 12:30 p.m. and waited at the cafeteria entrance. After a couple minutes, I saw a line of 2nd graders heading right toward me with a teacher in pigtails leading the way. From that point on, I had the pleasure of spending the next half hour with my favorite educator.

I spent time looking at this banner while waiting for Sid and her class to arrive. Go Wolfpack!!

When you are so used to not seeing your significant other during the middle of the day, it is such a nice treat to enjoy each other’s company during the lunch hour. For someone who is married to a teacher, the pleasure is increased even more. You see, when we get together for lunch, there is never a dull moment. I get to walk through the cafeteria line, meet Sid’s students, and visit with her fellow teachers. I soak in the stares and giggles I get from the 2nd graders and I reminisce a bit about when I was in elementary school. It is great fun.

I had a very nice time with Sid this afternoon.

Thank you to Sidney for the Harvest Hoedown invite. I enjoyed myself while feeling so much pride for the amazing job you do. Don’t Blink.

Another Fun Thursday Rundown

Good evening, readers! I hope your week has been as fun as mine. If it hasn’t, don’t worry, it is just about to get better. Why you ask? Because it is time for the Thursday Rundown. Here we go!…

Golf Lesson – Last night, Sidney and I took our first golf lesson together. I have had a desire to learn how to play properly for a long time now and when I asked Sidney to join me she didn’t hesitate in saying yes. We are taking “couples lessons” through the Golf School of Myrtle Beach at River Oaks Golf Plantation. Our first hour lesson was fun. Although it rained for the first half of it, the weather cleared up for the last 30 minutes. Our instructor is great and hopefully we will continue to learn a lot. In case you are wondering it wasn’t even close, Sidney did much better than me.

Live Look at College Learning – One of the social media campaigns I have implemented for the academic year at Coastal Carolina University is an “Inside the Classroom” initiative. Each Tuesday I will go inside a classroom here at CCU and document it through our social media channels. If things go as well as they did for the debut of the program this past Tuesday, I am going to have a lot of fun. I started off in a black and white photography class taught by a man named Easton Selby. He was totally welcoming to me and let me do whatever I wanted while class was in session. The access was great but what I enjoyed the most was just getting inside a university classroom again and listening to a professor interact with students. Hearing the natural way Easton chatted with his students made me want to be in college!

One of the photos I took in Easton Selby's Intro to Black and White Photography class on Tuesday.

One of the photos I took in Easton Selby’s Intro to Black and White Photography class on Tuesday.

School is in Session – This week both Sidney and I welcomed back students. I did so with my role here at Coastal Carolina University. Sidney, however, did so in a more significant way. The first day back for the Horry County School District was today. Sidney returns to Palmetto Bays Elementary as a second grade teacher. While she has prepped for the school year to start for the past couple weeks and while she met her students at an open house a couple days ago, nothing compares to that official first day of school. Let me tell you this, those students who walked into her classroom this morning are in for a treat over the next 180 days. I can’t wait to have Sidney guest blog about her teacher experiences!

First day of class selfie on the left and Sidney's class on the right.

First day of class selfie on the left and Sidney’s class on the right.

Pasta Night – Every now and then I like to share an example of my apartment complex doing a cool thing. This evening, Alexan Withers Preserve treated us residents to a pasta dinner. We were all invited to the clubhouse and allowed to dish up our plates with a few different varieties. I have enjoyed nice gestures such as this since I moved in almost 16 months ago. Although I can’t wait to live in a house with Sidney once we marry, I am going to enjoy the remaining time I do have here at AWP.

My big plate of pasta at the Alexan Withers Preserve Pasta Night.

My big plate of pasta at the Alexan Withers Preserve Pasta Night.

Wedding Update #7 – You can now check wedding invitations off the list! Sidney and I decided upon our design last week. From the Reser family front, my mom and dad explained details of the trip to Myrtle Beach with other immediate family members over dinner last night. My mom also went dress shopping at Nordstrom and I hear she found something that she liked.


As always, I thank you all for taking time to read my blog. If you will now excuse me I have to let this pasta settle while getting ready for tonight’s “Big Brother” episode. Don’t Blink.