The Harvest Hoedown Lunch With Mrs. Reser

One of my absolute favorite things to do is eat lunch with my wife during the work week. It always feels special because it is rare when both of our schedules align. Sid has her class she must watch over (no, she doesn’t get a lunch break…she eats with her students) and it isn’t always easy for me to ditch campus in the middle of the day. However, about twice each year, the opportunity presents itself for me to head out to Palmetto Bays School and eat lunch with Sidney and her 2nd graders.

Today was one of those days. But this time around, there was a fun twist.

The Timberwolves of Palmetto Bays celebrated their Harvest Hoedown. The  staff dressed in festive clothing and, lucky for me, I got a sneak peek of Mrs. Reser’s outfit before she left the house this morning. 

A look at Sid’s outfit before she left the house this morning.

A special lunch was served in conjunction with the Hoedown. The school cooks prepared a delicious BBQ meal for the Palmetto Bays community to enjoy. I had the distinct pleasure of partaking in the feast.

This was today’s Harvest Hoedown menu.

I arrived at the school at 12:30 p.m. and waited at the cafeteria entrance. After a couple minutes, I saw a line of 2nd graders heading right toward me with a teacher in pigtails leading the way. From that point on, I had the pleasure of spending the next half hour with my favorite educator.

I spent time looking at this banner while waiting for Sid and her class to arrive. Go Wolfpack!!

When you are so used to not seeing your significant other during the middle of the day, it is such a nice treat to enjoy each other’s company during the lunch hour. For someone who is married to a teacher, the pleasure is increased even more. You see, when we get together for lunch, there is never a dull moment. I get to walk through the cafeteria line, meet Sid’s students, and visit with her fellow teachers. I soak in the stares and giggles I get from the 2nd graders and I reminisce a bit about when I was in elementary school. It is great fun.

I had a very nice time with Sid this afternoon.

Thank you to Sidney for the Harvest Hoedown invite. I enjoyed myself while feeling so much pride for the amazing job you do. Don’t Blink.

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