Making the Most of the “Gloomy Months”

Today is the last day of January. Tomorrow will be the first day of February. Tonight will mark the exact middle point of the two month stretch I probably like the least on the calendar.

Don’t get me wrong though, saying “like the least” when referring to the calendar year doesn’t say much. I love life and cherish each day, no matter what month it falls in. However, while I will frequently tweet out “I love the month of ________” for 84% of the calendar months, I don’t do it for January and February. I like them, I just don’t love them.

I don’t know if this revelation comes as much of a surprise to most. After all, a few years ago I did write about how much I love the month of March, mostly pointing to the fact that it means January and February are over. Also, many know that I am a lover of light, sun, and warmth. While living in Myrtle Beach definitely exposes me more to the latter two items than where I have lived before, the short days can be a bummer.

I feel this stretch is the least appealing from January 10 through the end of February. It is challenging to come to grips with the college football season ending, the novelty of the new year fading, and the darkness of nights minus the beauty of Christmas lights predominating. While Sidney’s birthday, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day are all great things to look forward to, I usually need to find additional ways to bolster the luster of the first and second months of the year. How do I do this?

For me, I try to really focus on goals.

I give January and February extra worth by focusing on personal objectives. I use my new year resolutions to propel me through the 58 or 59 days that start off the year. I use the motivation of the brighter and more carefree months ahead to make me buckle down and focus on the ones I am living in at the moment. Nothing can make January or February more meaningful and worthwhile than when you improve yourself.

I try to liken the two months to a training period. I tell myself that if I put everything I have into the training period then the best ten months of the year will be especially rewarding and fun. No matter what, January and February set the tone for the year. We can decide to “just get through them” or we can decide to make every minute that falls within them worth it.

For those of us who don’t adore January and February, take comfort in the fact that we are half way through the time period. However, also use it as motivation to diligently work on yourself for the next four weeks. Pretty soon March will be here and the signs of Spring will start popping up. It is important to emerge from the darkness stronger than before. Don’t Blink.