Catching Up

Oh yes, I am back. I want to apologize for the two week hiatus from this blog. I could say I have been busy but if you know me, you know how much I detest that excuse so I am not going to go there. Fact of the matter is, I have not utilized my time as effectively as I could have. Over the past two weeks there is no reason why I couldn’t have set aside an hour here or an hour there to sit down and give my loyal readers some content. So again, I am sorry for my negligence. I do feel like I owe you an update on what I have been up to the past two weeks.

My summer started off with a pretty tame June by my standards. However, once July hit I entered into a tornado of activity. Leaving town multiple times and just living life up in general, the last fifty days or so have flown by. Included in those last fifty days are the past two weeks and I feel as if they have taken the speed of everything and turned it into double time. The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I have gone out of town three different times and entertained visitors to Missoula three different times. I visited a friend in Bigfork, went to UCA camp with the University of Montana Cheer Squad in Coeur d’Alene, and pursued a couple of potential life-changing opportunities. I have continued to do fun things here in Missoula such as Osprey games, the fair, and Downtown Tonight. I welcomed my friend from Spokane along with her friend to Missoula so they could experience our great city during the summer. I saw “The Campaign”. My parents came through for a very quick visit. My friend from Bigfork made a return trip to see me in Missoula. I helped another person out with a blog project. From the standpoint of my leisure life, I have had a very enjoyable time.

And then there is work. It is now late August and we are in “crunch time”. The amount of stuff to get done before all fall sports get officially into the swing of their competitive schedules is immense…but I never said that is a bad thing. While at times stressful and time consuming, right now is a great time to work in Grizzly Athletics. The state is buzzing, optimism is engulfing Missoula, events are pretty much nightly, and the students are coming back on campus. Last night we held our corporate sponsor kickoff bash, today Christie and I staged our intern orientation, and tomorrow is the Great Griz Encounter, an event where the general public gets to meet the football team at Caras Park. Next Monday will start off an anxious week leading up to the first football game and if the craziness of those several days could not get any more significant you better hold your horses because they actually do…we will welcome our four candidates for the director of athletics job to campus.

So as you can see, not only are the hours of the day packed currently, future days will be just as packed (if not more) from now on. But I have a renewed commitment to stay with all of you and make sure not to get into another blogging slump. My favorite time of the year is summer. My second favorite time of the year is fall. Thus, it only makes sense that the transition period between the two seasons that is just about ready to set it has to be pretty sweet in my book. With such an exciting time for myself, there is no way that I could not blog. Good to be back. Don’t Blink.