Pumpkin Pie Thursday Rundown

We have reached Friday Eve once again and we all know what that means. Let’s get things started with the Thursday Rundown…

Trick-Or-Treat Chart – I was smiling from ear-to-ear when Sidney showed me this “How Kids Judge Halloween Candy” graphic. Although I have written about Halloween candy before, this is much more comprehensive. Sid came across it on the Facebook wall of a friend and sent it to our Reser Pride 8.0 family text message group so everyone could enjoy. We dubbed my mom “The Trusty Provider” with a pinch of “Cheapy McCheapface” mixed in. How does that work out? Because my parents get hundreds of trick-or-treaters every Oct. 31, they usually run out of the Skittles and Baby Ruths by the end of the night. To last them the final hour, they usually have to retrieve the Double Bubble bucket in the basement reserved for my dad to chew on when refereeing football games.

This chart is golden.

Costco Pumpkin Pie Facts – I bit on the clickbait last night and followed the link to the 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Costco’s Pumpkin Pie. As someone who loves pumpkin pie and is fascinated by Costco, I couldn’t resist. The facts are pretty interesting as they reveal the type of pumpkins used, where the seeds go, and the origin of the recipe. It is worth a read. Coincidentally, a year ago on this date I counted down my top five pumpkin-inspired foods.

The Costco pumpkin pie is a classic.

Sloan the Firefighter – Sloan’s daycare, Oxford Children’s Academy, is incredible. The latest activity the center hosted was a meet and greet with Horry County firefighters. The department sent more than just its people – a big fire truck pulled up in the parking lot as well. The teachers said the toddlers really enjoyed looking at the vehicle out the window but got a little anxious once they stepped outside. When the siren sounded and the lights flashed, Sloan was pretty alarmed. But she eventually calmed down and admired the fire fighting machine in front of her. Best of all, each child was given a hat to bring home. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday.

Sloan wearing the fire fighter hat she was given at daycare yesterday.

Chauncey’s New Ride – I have mentioned on a few occasions that a role I played at the University of Montana was mascot coordinator. Not only did I star in videos with Monte, but I organized all of his entrances into Washington-Grizzly Stadium as well. There was always pressure to come up with new and daring ways for him to make his grand appearance. I wish he had what Chauncey recently received. Our CCU mascot now has his own “Surf Turf” vehicle to get around Brooks Stadium. Efficient and eye-catching, I hope he gives me a spin in it one of these days.

Chauncey’s new “Surf Turf” vehicle is pretty cool.

Hey, Watch This – I usually don’t share pieces from news magazines on this blog, but I have to make an exception for what I saw on Sunday night. 60 Minutes caught up with National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. His job is to go around the world and take photos of the rarest animals on the planet. He says he tries to capture the emotion of each animal just as if he was photographing the senior portraits of a human. His talent will take your breath away and the dangerous situations he has found himself in will make you jump. His photos are out of this world and his subjects are as eclectic as they come. I recommend watching it.

An image that Joel Sartore took of a rare gibbon.


Kind of an interesting Thursday Rundown, right? Well, at least I hope. Enjoy your evening and I will catch up soon. Don’t Blink.

My Five Favorite Seasonal Treats

As a marketer, I understand the need to capitalize on the holidays or other special times during the year. For whatever reason, if you can twist your product to fall in line with a unique day or time on the calendar, people will bite. I am not immune to this sneaky technique by any means. In fact, I am a big sucker for purchasing “seasonal” items (except for Starbucks holiday cups…I don’t drink coffee).

In tonight’s blog post, I want to share the five seasonal items I looked forward to the most growing up. This is not a countdown as I couldn’t bring myself to rank one sugary treat ahead of another.

Girl Scout Cookies – To be honest, this blog post was inspired by the fact that I just purchased Girl Scout Cookies. My co-worker’s daughter is selling them and I couldn’t resist. I bought a box of Tagalongs for me and two boxes of Trefoils for Sidney. Also, new this year is a S’mores cookie. I bought a box of those as well. Come on though, what seasonal treat is more beloved than Girl Scout Cookies? There is nothing better than seeing cute Girl Scouts out front at the grocery store and there is nothing better than making their day by purchasing a box or two.

Sitting around with the Girl Scout Cookies I purchased today.

Shamrock McDonald’s Shake – When I was growing up, I didn’t have access to a thousand different milkshake flavors like I do now. Back then, it was just chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. When McDonald’s would release its Shamrock shake around St. Patrick’s Day, not only did it have that distinctive mint flavor but it was also GREEN, something that looked completely different from what I was used to. We didn’t get milkshakes that often but during March my parents would always let us get a Shamrock shake.

Heart Shaped Papa Murphy’s Pizza – My love for Papa Murphy’s take-n-bake pizza is well-documented. Back in the day, I spent a couple different Valentine’s Days with a heart shaped pizza as opposed to a date. I don’t know if the chain still does it, but Papa Murphy’s would offer $5 pepperoni heart shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day. The discount and the shameless holiday cut of the pizza was enough to entice us.

Cap’N Crunch Christmas Crunch – There was not another cereal that got me more in the Christmas spirit than Cap’N Crunch Christmas Crunch. But hold on here, I am not trying to be cute or to overstate this. I sincerely looked forward to when the Yuletide cereal would hit the shelves. I loved the red and green crunch berries but I also just enjoyed the box itself. It was so festive how they put the Captain in front of a Christmas background while donning a Santa hat. A Christmas memory for sure!

Costco Pumpkin Pies – Although I don’t get excited about the mainstream obession with everything pumpkin flavored, I do very much enjoy the true pumpkin staple of the holidays. But it isn’t just pumpkin pie that I like, it is Costco pumpkin pie. When Thanksgiving comes around and Costco starts putting out big crates full of pumpkin pies I get happy. Not only is it an indication that the holiday season is here but it is also an indication that my taste buds are about to enjoy one of the most consistent and pleasant tastes that I know of. Thank goodness for Costco pumpkin pie.


Go out and support your local Girl Scouts! If you need someone to purchase them from, let me know! Don’t Blink.