Wolves Thursday Rundown

If April was nice, May has been gorgeous. We have enjoyed another perfect week here in our little corner of the world and I can’t but help feel appreciation as each day is noticeably longer than the previous. On that positive note, let’s begin the latest Thursday Rundown.

Gas Shortage – The Colonial Pipeline hack has impacted the Southeast by sending people to the pumps in a panic buying frenzy. Although the cyberattack certainly raised gas prices in the region, according to my father-in-law, the price per gallon is what it is currently here in Spokane…approximately $3. Recently I was waiting at a stop light and noticed the rates of gas on the digital board belonging to the convenience store out my passenger window. I assumed it was just too good to be true and kept driving once the light turned green.

I figured the store probably wouldn’t offer me this rate.

Wienermobile – Three years ago, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile came to Myrtle Beach. Sid, Sloan, and I went out to our local Publix Supermarket to see it. We took photos, played with the cut outs, and ate free hot dogs. Last week, Sid and Sloan had the “rare” chance to see the vehicle again when it rolled into Spokane. The Wienermobile parked at our nearby Fred Meyer and Sidney and Sloan once again utilized the props and got their photo taken. No free hot dogs this time!

The top photo is from Sidney’s and Sloan’s visit to Fred Meyer in Spokane last week. The bottom photo is from our first encounter with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in 2018 in Myrtle Beach.

Blippi – The jaws of all toddlers and their parents dropped this past weekend when they tuned into YouTube for the latest Blippi episode only to be greeted by an…impostor! The dude who has always been Blippi since 2014 was no longer Blippi! Thank goodness Sloan, who is a diehard fan, wasn’t subjected to such a monstrosity! But breathe easy, little ones. The real Blippi will be back. It just turns out he was humble enough to let the actor who will star in the Blippi Broadway show—yes, there is a Blippi Broadway show—take part in one of the YouTube episodes. Considering many people thought the world was ending when the new actor was subbed in, I don’t know if it will happen again.

Who the heck is this???

Dances With Wolves – The movie I watched throughout this week was the 1990 classic “Dances With Wolves.” It was the first time I ever watched the film and I found myself impressed by the beauty with which it was shot along with the relationship development of Costner’s character and the Sioux tribe. Although it was a little strange to watch three seasons of “Yellowstone” and then see Kevin Costner play an entirely different character more than 30 years earlier, good acting is still good acting. I think the runtime of three hours is worth it and if you have Netflix you can watch it on there.

This movie is a masterpiece.

Urban Turkey – Now this isn’t nearly as cool as the porcupine I encountered in this exact same spot several months ago but I am running out of ideas for tonight’s fifth topic. The Spokane region, especially the specific area I live in, is home to a large population of urban turkeys. In fact, from time to time they will congregate in our backyard. This morning, however, on my way back from the gym I was forced to stop my car and ask Why did the turkey cross the road?

I encountered this turkey crossing the road this morning.


I wish you the best this weekend. Let’s make sure to pray for the people in countries like India who are experiencing great suffering from the Coronavirus. Don’t Blink.

First 2019 Thursday Rundown

What’s the word, friends?! It has been two weeks since I wrote a Thursday Rundown and I know all of you are chomping at the bit for my latest installment. So, I give you my first Rundown of 2019…

A Rocky Flight – Our journey to Spokane marked the fourth time that Sloan has completed the Charleston to Seattle flight. We thought with her being an experienced traveler that she might be on her best behavior. Wishful thinking on our part. By far, she was more naughty on the plane this time around than the previous three flights combined. However, it makes sense…she is almost 2 years old. Sloan just wanted to move around and play and she didn’t understand why she couldn’t. After about five hours she finally gave in and fell asleep. The “nap” would last about 20 minutes and when she woke up she screamed bloody murder. We think her little ears hurt upon her waking up. Needless to say, we were glad when we finally landed.

This photo looks promising but it was anything but a smooth flight from Charleston to Seattle.

Bird Box – On New Year’s Eve, we watched “Bird Box.” Perhaps I consumed too much of the hype because after the film concluded I was left asking myself what’s the big deal? I was captivated throughout the whole movie but it didn’t exactly stand out and I thought the ending was flat. No, I didn’t think the ending was intriguing, frustrating, thought-provoking, or controversial…I just thought it was predictable and uninspiring. I admit that I was entertained for two hours but it didn’t impact me or cause me to go into deep thought.

I wasn’t overly impressed with “Bird Box.”

It’s Blippi – Sloan has a new obsession! Whenever I pull up YouTube, she now wants to watch someone called “Blippi.” Baby Shark and other animations can take a seat for the moment, our daughter is now favoring live action programming. Yes, Blippi is an actual person who does things in the real world. He is an interesting character for sure, someone who I describe as a cross between Steve from Blue Clues and Pee Wee Herman. Sid and I can only take so much of him…but Sloan will actually sit through an entire video (they average around 16 minutes). So parents, if you are looking for something that is educational and engaging for your toddler, give Blippi a shot.

Blippi is quite the character but Sloan loves him.

High School Reunion – In yesterday’s Spokane recap post, I left one part out about the trip that I would like to recognize today. I had the privilege of reconnecting with Erik Lowe, one of my best friends from high school. We initially met through sports and remained close through the end of our senior years. After we graduated from Mead, we went our separate ways and had very few chances to see each other, except for 2011 when I visited him in Pittsburgh. Thankfully, after several years, I got to chat with him in person again. He came over to my parents’ house and I got to introduce him to Sidney. It was great to see Erik and I hope that he pays Myrtle Beach a visit in the near future.

It was nice chatting with my high school friend, Erik Lowe (before you ask, he is 6’9).

All I Want for Christmas Is… – I was given so many great gifts this holiday season. However, my favorite item I received was from my wife. For a few years, I had a Myrtle Beach keychain that I enjoyed using to hold together all my keys. A couple months ago, it broke. When Sid asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told her I wanted a customized keychain of my girls. She delivered! During our traditional Christmas Eve gift exchange, she gave me what I wanted. Now, no matter where I am at, I always have my wife and daughter with me. Thanks, Sid!

Thank you, Sidney! She will tell you that I specifically asked for a custom key chain.


I hope 2019 is a solid year for Thursday Rundowns and that this post is a good start. I wish everyone a weekend full of recovery from the busy holiday season. Don’t Blink.