Pavilion Thursday Rundown

Thursday sure arrived quickly! Even by four-day week standards, this one went especially fast. But I never let my guard down and I am prepared for tonight’s Thursday Rundown. Here we go…

Boy Meets World – Thanks to Disney+, Sidney and I are making our way through the “Boy Meets World” series…all seven seasons. Watching these episodes sure brings us back to entertaining nights watching TGIF. But it also led us to YouTube where we stumbled upon a 17-minute documentary with some very insightful commentary from the BMW cast. If you have any childhood connection at all to “Boy Meets World,” I strongly encourage you to watch it.

“Boy Meets World; Back to the Beginning” was an insightful look back at the series.

Under the Lights – In 1974, Spokane held the World’s Fair. A large structure called the pavilion was built as the center piece of the event. During the fair it was draped but when it concluded the cover was removed. For the next 40+ years it would be a spot for rides and other attractions. With the renovation of Riverfront Park came changes at the pavilion. The rides were removed, green space was added, and a super cool light show that spans the inside of the pavilion was built. On Sunday night, we met my sister and her kids at the park. When dusk fell, we headed to the pavilion and enjoyed the show. If you live in Spokane, I recommend checking it out.

The Riverfront Park pavilion light show was terrific.

Never Forget – Tomorrow is the 19th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks. In my less-than-adequate attempt to remember the tragedy, I always try to watch a documentary on the attacks and occasionally write something as well. If you are interested, here are some pieces I have written in the past: the importance of teaching our youth about the attacks, putting the tragedy in perspective, highlighting true courage, and re-visiting what I did on 9/11. 

Let us never forgot what happened on 9/11

Florence – During my time in the South, we faced hurricane threats every single year. But nothing compared to Hurricane Florence in 2018. With potential to make landfall as a Category 4 hurricane and with Myrtle Beach on alert as a possible spot for a direct hit, it was a very scary time. Sidney, Sloan, and I evacuated to Jacksonville and even made a trip to Disney World. When we returned to Myrtle Beach, our new house was still intact and the area was spared from major catastrophe. Although everything turned out fine, I can still remember the sick feeling I had in my stomach as we would watch endless news coverage and brace for possible disaster. Today marks the two-year anniversary of when CCU shut down so employees could enact personal evacuation plans. On that particular day, I came clean about my anxieties in this blog post.

Evidently, the message I put on my marquee did the trick.

Desserts at Rosauers – Oh, did it come across that I was the only one who got dessert at Rosauers last Friday when I picked up my cookie dough? Not true. Sidney selected a pint of Americone Dream Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while Sloan picked out this unicorn cookie. Surprisingly, it tasted as good as it looked as I was able to steal a nibble when Sloan wasn’t looking.

This was the cookie that Sloan got from the Rosauers bakery.


Thanks for stopping by this evening. Make sure to take time tomorrow to reflect on 9/11 and to also say a prayer for the end of the Coronavirus. Stick in there, everyone. Don’t Blink.

The Alphabet Challenge


How long did it take me to type the above? Oh, about 5.917 seconds. With any luck, that is how long it will take me to write this blog post tonight as well.

You see, this latest Don’t Blink entry is less about words and more about letters. This evening we are talking about a CHALLENGE.

While watching TikTok, Sid saw a video that showed people engaging in the Alphabet Challenge (#typethealphabet). The objective is simple: type the Alphabet as fast as you can. Smart phones need not apply for this one, a keyboard is required.

The Alphabet Challenge is simple and addicting: type the alphabet as quickly as you can.

Once you have the website up, you simply start typing…as fast as you possibly can. It is almost like starting and stopping a stopwatch—you can’t just do it once. It is a little addicting and you will want to keep trying to set a new personal record.

Can you beat my time?

But don’t let yourself be your only competition. It is more a thrill to compete against someone else. Sid and I went a few rounds on Sunday and I came out the victor. Who will you challenge? Or, an even better question, can you beat me?! Don’t Blink.

Eating Raw Cookie Dough

It is no secret that I eat way too much cookie dough in various forms. I have documented it time and time again over the years.

That cookie dough will catch up to you after awhile.

Although cheap and sometimes stale, I have eaten many boxes of the movie theater-style chocolate covered cookie dough bites…

These are cheap and not very good, but I still really like them.

I once had Sid make me a cookie dough ice cream pie for my birthday…

Sidney made me an ice cream cookie dough pie for a birthday.

Speaking of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I infamously bought five different brands of the dessert for Sid to taste test

One of the cookie dough ice creams that Sid tasted in 2016. I encourage you to read this highly entertaining blog post!

On one especially lucky day, I indulged in deep fried cookie dough wontons delivered to me courtesy of HuHot because I won a social media promotion.

The fried cookie dough wontons were delivered to me at work by a HuHot employee.

I have scarfed down cookie dough cheesecake, topped it on froyo, and tasted many different artificial cookie dough flavors in various snacks. Perhaps craziest of all, I even pitched a business idea for a cookie dough café.

But I think I really outdid myself this past weekend when I ate cookie dough in its rawest form…literally. I did pretty much the closest thing you can do to grabbing an actual bowl of cookie dough meant for cookies and eating it by the spoonful…

I purchased this “edible” cookie dough from Rosauers on Friday night.

Thanks to Rosauers, I bought cookie dough designed to be consumed directly out of the container. Yes, in case there was any confusion on what I was supposed to do with it, the label specifically said “edible” on it.

I gave it a try on Friday night and I only made it through a few bites. Perhaps it was because I was really full from dinner but to be honest it didn’t taste that great. It was as if someone made some tasteless dough that looked like cookie dough and then sprayed it with cookie dough artificial flavoring and dumped a lot of salt on it.

Here is a better look at the texture of the Rosauers cookie dough.

Although you might call me crazy, I did give it a second shot on Saturday night. Surprisingly enough, it tasted better! In fact, I ate probably 12 bites. I think this might have been because my expectations were lowered significantly. Despite a tastier experience, I didn’t finish the container and I haven’t opened it up again.

I guess I wanted to write this blog post to point out that containers of cookie dough meant to be devoured via a spoon while watching Dateline actually exist.

However, at least in the case of what I bought from the supermarket, the recipe is yet to be perfected. Let’s hope a vaccine for the coronavirus comes before decent-tasting edible cookie dough. Don’t Blink.

Boom! Thursday Rundown

I hope your month has started off on the right foot. As I present my first Thursday Rundown of September 2020, I want to thank you at the start of my blog post instead of the end of it for your readership. Thank you. Now, let’s get started…

Look at Those Tomatoes – At the end of July, I wrote about something my dad did with Sloan. He gave Sloan her own tomato plant. They planted it and then watched it grow as I documented the progress. Earlier this week, they picked all of the tomatoes, bringing in quite the harvest. The photos below were all taken 3-4 weeks apart. What a wonderful grandpa/granddaughter activity! 

The progression of Sloan’s tomato plant.

Monte’s Roommate – It was seven years ago when I became a very minor Missoula celebrity. In a blockbuster 2013 opening weekend football game, the Montana Grizzlies hosted Appalachian State. In front of the largest ever Washington-Grizzly Stadium crowd at the time, we debuted a Monte movie on the video board that starred yours truly. I look at the video now and cringe, but I do vividly remember sitting in the press box and listening to the collective laughter of the 26,000+ fans in the stands as the movie rolled.

The opening scene of the movie!

Grandma’s Birthday – If my maternal grandmother was alive today, Virginia Fazzari would be 103. She was a quiet but strong woman who was committed to her family and her faith. Three years ago, I wrote one of my all-time favorite Don’t Blink entries about her life and the traits that defined her.

My grandma would have turned 103 today.

Not New – Yesterday I took the early morning, my lunch break, and right after work to watch a movie called “Here Comes the Boom.” It stars Kevin James, who I really like, and Henry Winkler, my hero. In the film, James is a slacker teacher who ends up participating in MMA fights to raise money to save his school’s music program and the music teacher’s (Winkler) job. Here is what is funny: I discovered this movie on the IMDb section of Firestick and thought it was a new release. I announced out loud to Sid that I thought Salma Hayek, who also plays a key role in the film, looked really good for 54. Coincidentally, yesterday was her birthday and I found out her age by watching the news, a couple hours before watching the film. Anyway, when I turned on the movie to watch the final 20 minutes of the film last night, I saw that it was made in 2012! A movie I thought was brand new was actually eight years old.

I watched “Here Comes the Boom” as if it was made in 2020.

Directionally Challenged – Every Thursday, my friend Lindsi shares a collection of memes on her Instagram Story. This particular one below made me laugh as it definitely resonated with me. Sidney and I always smile when my dad gives us directions somewhere because he will always say “go west, turn east, head south, etc.” Although I should be more competent with this type of direction expression I do much better with landmark point of references. Or, better yet, I just use the navigation app on my phone.

This resonated with me.


That will do it for another week. Have a relaxing and safe Labor Day weekend. Please pray for the end of the Coronavirus. Don’t Blink.

Taco Tuesday

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram on a Tuesday and it was almost comical. During one stretch, I must have encountered back-to-back-to-back-to-back Taco Tuesday posts…yes, I follow a lot of local restaurants. The mania for the taco special was so intense that I had to tweet about it.


Not that I didn’t know about this “trend” before my feed was flooded by it. Taco Tuesday is a tradition that is beloved by restaurants and customers alike. Although I once referred to it in jest as “cliché,” I do appreciate that it is something embraced by many. Are you surprised? Bars can capitalize on a popular promotion that costs them a minimal amount but packs their establishments. For customers, it is one of the best excuses to drink beer on a weekday.

Sidney eating a taco.

I have been aware of Taco Tuesday for almost 20 years (really dating myself here). When I was a freshman in high school, our football program partnered with the local Zips on a Taco Tuesday bargain. After practice on that special day of the week, a lot of hungry high school football players would pay $7 for all-you-can-eat tacos and tater tots. For those who live in the Inland Northwest and are well aware of what a Zips is—an extremely popular BURGER drive-in restaurant—you are probably scratching your head wondering how such an highly esteemed business could jump so far off brand.

Well, it was possible because Taco Tuesday is such a major piece of Americana that even Krispy Kreme could probably get away with offering its own version. People want tacos on Tuesdays and are willing to travel to places that give them what they want, even if these restaurants and taverns would otherwise have absolutely no business adding tacos to their menus.

Every Tuesday, my Instagram feed is inundated with Taco Tuesday plugs from local restaurants that I follow.

Although Taco Tuesday has been on my radar for nearly two decades, I have seen it really explode in the past five years, evidenced in part by my Instagram feed. In fact, it has done more than just infiltrate every corner bar in the country—it has entered the home.

A couple tacos prepared at our family Taco Tuesday last night.

As the World’s Most Interesting Man might say of our family, we don’t eat tacos every week, but when we do, we prefer to do it on Tuesdays. If we do have a taco night, we do make an effort to stage it on a Tuesday evening. Take last night for example. To celebrate it not being Monday anymore, we had our own Reser Family Taco Tuesday. It was delicious.

Sloan enjoying our Taco Tuesday last night.

Whether in your home or local watering hole, keep Taco Tuesdaying it up! As something that benefits and satisfies pretty much everybody involved, I approve (and happily participate). Don’t Blink.

Losing Track of Time

September is here but in a way it doesn’t feel like September. In a normal year, I wouldn’t need a calendar to tell me that it is the ninth month of the year. Rather, I could tell by the tailgates springing up around whatever campus I was working on. Or, I would know by flipping on the radio and listening to the opening topic on any sports talk station. Or, I could turn on the TV during the first Saturday of the month and see stadiums filled to the brim under the beautiful sunlight of a late summer day.

Basically, September always arrived when the college football season kicked off in earnest.

We all complain that the Coronavirus has stolen sports from us. But of course, there are so many other implications besides the big picture of no athletic competitions. We miss our traditions, our fantasy leagues, our television packages, our evenings at the ballpark, our escapes from reality. Those of us who are sports fans feel the sting in countless different ways.

For me, I miss the way sports serve as my calendar.

I know it is September when college football is in full swing.

Throughout most of my life, I have used major sporting events synonymously with different times of the year. Sports rightfully took a backseat when COVID-19 ripped through the U.S. in time to wipe out all of the NCAA basketball conference tournaments. This of course led to the cancellation of March Madness. Well, I guess it should come as no surprise that the greatest sports tournament on the planet made me think of March because of its namesake, but it also made me think of other things. I have always equated March Madness with the start of spring and the ushering in of warmer weather…light at the end of the tunnel if you will. With COVID, all we got was a false sense that there could be light at the end of tunnel in terms of the virus being defeated.

I have always known it was April when golf’s greats converged on Augusta National for the sport’s most riveting tourney. The Masters remind me of Easter and the start of my own personal golf season. I would become aware that showers turned to flowers when the Run for the Roses was contested in early May (don’t forget that the Kentucky Derby will run this Saturday!). Although I would never actually forget the very special day, the pink bats used on Mother’s Day weekend in Major League Baseball never failed to drive the point home that my wife and mom deserved nothing but the best in mid-May.

The NBA Finals in mid-June always signified for me the early start of summer and a slate of fun activities coming up in the ensuing weeks. The month of June also screams golf again with the U.S. Open, usually taking place during Father’s Day weekend.

You know it is the heart of summer when a couple of big time July sporting contests take place. Wimbledon occurs during that first week of the month and then what I recognize as the epitome of all summer athletic events, the MLB All-Star game, takes center stage not too long after. Seriously, I didn’t know how I was going to enjoy Summer 2020 without the Midsummer Classic (I somehow managed).

The Little League World Series, along with training camp for all levels of football, wind down the summer in August. The month is always a little bitter because the days start to get shorter and we head back to work/school fulltime but there is tremendous optimism because the football season is right around the corner…

Which is where we should be right now…at least in terms of the college season. But we aren’t, and that’s okay—there are more pressing issues in the world. But I would be lying if I said that the sports calendar didn’t keep me up to speed with the Gregorian calendar. It has definitely been a little strange navigating through the past several months without athletics to keep me on track. But dang it, what a small thing to trivialize over, right? Don’t Blink.

Have a Picnic

This summer we have made it a point to pack a picnic and go to a park. Why? Well, for one, it is a very enjoyable thing to do. And, two, we simply never had the opportunity to do so in South Carolina. The humid weather simply isn’t conducive to eating outside and the area of the state we lived in didn’t have the lush, green parks that dot the Spokane Valley.

In eastern Washington, the month of September is gorgeous and still perfect for picnicking. So, if you still haven’t embraced the outdoors while eating a sandwich on a comfy blanket, put a picnic on your calendar and let me give you five tips for a perfect experience.

We have enjoyed numerous picnics at parks this summer.

Choose the Right Park – The Spokane and Spokane Valley boast countless public parks for citizens to enjoy. But before you choose a park based solely on a Google search, do a little bit of scouting and make sure it has everything you need. Our family looks for a fun playground, plenty of big pine trees for shade, sturdy picnic benches, and lots of green space. Parks that meet all these requirements aren’t hard to find but that doesn’t mean places that lack them don’t exist. Just do your homework.

Bring Stuff – The playground and human interaction should be enough to keep your family entertained, but it isn’t a bad idea to bring some items from home that could optimize your afternoon or evening. You can never go wrong with a frisbee or football. Sidewalk chalk is a hit with Sloan. If you are like me, bringing a croquet set is a great way to take advantage of the vast space offered by a park and it also allows you to set up the course of your dreams!

Remember to bring blankets!

The Food – A picnic isn’t a picnic without the food. In fact, I feel like a picnic is an excuse to overdo it just a bit. Sometimes this means picking something up at a favorite restaurant. On separate occasions this summer we have brought food to the park from our favorite cheesesteak, sandwich, and fried chicken joints. But if you want a more traditional picnic, pack it yourself! That’s what we did for our picnic lunch yesterday. We met my sister and her kids at the park and we split up the food duties. Sid and I brought hot dogs and chips while my sister brought oranges, cookies, and drinks. It was a blast and pretty tasty.

At our picnic yesterday, we packed hot dogs.

Pack a Cooler – The drinks are just as important as the food. Grab your ice chest and throw in bottled water, soda, and some Capri Suns for the kids. Oh yes, don’t forget the beer. Just remember to bring Solo cups with you. You can empty your ice dispenser to keep the drinks cool but I prefer to pick up a bag of ice at the gas station and dump it in. When you get to the park, crack open your beverage and enjoy. Whether a soda or an adult beverage, an ice cold drink tastes incredible in the middle of beautiful scenery outside.

Be Prepared – It is important to be ready for any obstacles you might face once on-site. In terms of pests, you could encounter a member of the bee family buzzing around your picnic. Keep that in mind and bring appropriate repellent. During this time of pandemic, bring plenty of disinfectant wipes to scrub benches and play equipment. Most importantly of all, make sure everyone goes to the bathroom prior to arriving at the picnic. I have been in the park facilities and they are not pretty!

I mean it folks, don’t let this summer slip away without a picnic. With the Labor Day weekend approaching, pick a day and make it happen. Don’t Blink.

In Memoriam Thursday Rundown

Good evening! Can you believe that it will be September next week? So before August expires, let me present the latest Thursday Rundown…

Start of the Semester – Washington State University kicked off the academic year on Monday and things looked just a bit different. The entire Fall 2020 semester is remote so the traditional start-of-the-year excitement and visuals were absent. However, Cougs persevere and everyone from our faculty to our staff to our students are making the best of the arrangement. This includes our social media team. With so many things off the table because of an empty campus, we are trying to be creative so we can still deliver an engaging and spirted experience to the #WSU community.

The start of my first full semester as a staff member at WSU is a bit different than what I had envisioned.

Robin Being Robin – Speaking of the start of the semester, one of my favorite people from my days at Coastal Carolina University recently got A LOT of national media attention. From Barstool Sports to CBS This Morning, she was everywhere. Robin Russell is a theatre professor at CCU and a good friend. Last week, her daughters captured her teaching a remote class lesson. Robin was leading her class of freshmen in a dance session and there was no shortage of encouragement. The video shows Robin in her element and is a 100% genuine testament to her passion for teaching. Come on, Suzanna!

A screenshot from Robin’s viral video on the left and a photo of Robin and I on set of “Coastal Now” on the right.

Not Fair – Sadly, there was another development with someone I thought highly of during my #CCU tenure. Jessica Hughes, a 25-year-old staffer, lost her life in a car accident earlier this week. Before she worked as a professional in Student Accounts, I knew her as a student. She served on my #CCUSocialMedia Student Advisory Council, worked as an intern in University Marketing and Communications, and even allowed me to feature her for multiple social campaigns. She was filled with humility and faith, an authentic kind soul who always gave me way more respect than I deserved. Last time I talked to Jessica was when we sat by each other at a funeral shortly before I moved. True to her nature, she was there supporting a friend who had lost a loved one. Please pray for Jessica and her family.

Jessica Hughes will be missed. The top right photo was from when I featured her for #CCUfamily and the bottom photo is our #CCUfamily Advisory Student Group of which she was part of.

Parenting Hacks from 2017 – It can be tough for new moms and dads to navigate the parenting waters. On this date three years ago, I provided 10 hacks for keeping your baby happy based on my limited experience with Sloan. This morning I looked back on that blog post and was reminded of some good tips I can use with Beau. If you happen to be a new parent, feel free to take it or leave it.

In August 2017, I provided my best baby hacks.

Blue Moon Price Gouging – My preference for Blue Moon has been documented in this blog before. Since $1 Blue Moon Pint Thursdays at a popular bar in college, I have always preferred the beverage when ordering the occasional beer at a restaurant. But gee wiz, the price is going up! I took this photo while stopped at a traffic light over the weekend. This particular bar (which will remain nameless) was promoting a glass of Blue Moon for $6 like it was a good deal. Excuse me? I like the beer a lot, but not that much. If the tendency for COVID-19 to spread in bars wasn’t enough of a factor to keep me away, these prices certainly are.

So…ummm…is this supposed to be a deal?


Thank you for joining me for another Thursday evening. Enjoy your final August weekend and we will catch up again next week. Until then, please continue to pray for end of the coronavirus. Don’t Blink.

My SiriusXM Radio Favs

Last week I teased it and tonight I am writing about it. I feel so spoiled because when we bought our new car it came with a free trial to SiriusXM Radio. Dude, I absolutely love it. Since having a driver’s license, I have been at the mercy of a weak FM/AM selection with five preset stations on each side of the dial. Commercials, bad DJs, and static dominated my listening experience. Well, times have changed…for a few months at least.

To enjoy the variety and consistency of satellite radio is a luxury that I am trying my best not to take for granted. My thought is that by writing a blog post it will keep me from doing so. In no particular order, here are the five channels I listen to the most on SiriusXM Radio.

Sirius Radio is awesome.

SiriusXM Hits 1 (Channel 2) – This is my jam. I stay somewhat current in the music world by listening to this top 40 station without the gimmicks, morning shows, and constant ads of its FM counterpart. As its name suggests, this one is all about the hits and I never have to worry about falling out of touch with what the latest Taylor Swift single is.

KIDZ BOP (Channel 77) – Sure, I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I spend a decent amount of time listening to KIDZ BOP. Sidney thinks it is annoying but I beg to differ. You know how when you go to church and a children’s choir is performing? It sounds beautiful and pure, right? I get the same vibe with KIDZ BOP, especially when outrageously clean lyrics are substituted for the ones not suitable for a 9-year-old (I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that kid).

No Shoes Radio (Channel 57) – Out of the handful of country stations to listen to on SiriusXM, you probably aren’t surprised that I opt for the one that belongs to Mr. Don’t Blink himself, Kenny Chesney. Not only do you get a heavy dose of my favorite country artist’s greatest hits, you are treated to country classics and mainstream tunes too. It is a win-win-win.

ESPN Radio (Channel 80) – For the last three or so years I was in Myrtle Beach, the area did not have an ESPN Radio affiliate. During that time, I listened to Amy Lawrence’s show on CBS which was decent. But I am now making up for lost time by listening to ESPN Radio in crystal clear clarity. For a guy like me, there is nothing better than good sports talk.

EWTN Radio (Channel 130) – I don’t think I feel more at peace than driving home from the gym in the morning and listening to daily mass on the Eternal Word Television Network. Especially since we cut the cord on cable, it is nice to still have a lot of EWTN’s programming available to me via the radio.


It is going to be a really tough decision on what to do when our trial runs out. But until then, I am going to try and just enjoy satellite radio while we have it. Don’t Blink.

The Elk Public House

If you ever have the chance to eat at a restaurant that was profiled on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, why not give it a try, right? This past weekend, we took advantage of an opportunity.

My parents were gracious enough to not just host Sloan and Beau for a “sleepover” but my sister’s two youngest children, Mikayla and Johnny, as well. With the kids safe and sound under the watchful eyes of their grandparents, we went out on a double date with Miranda and her husband, Jay.

We found ourselves at Elk Public House, a pub-style establishment in Spokane’s beautiful and historic Browne’s Addition. The restaurant and its famous Reuben sandwich took center stage during a Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives segment in 2010. Although I think it could pass as either a diner or a dive, I am thinking that it is probably the latter—albeit a very cultured one.

Sidney and I at the Elk Public House in Browne’s Addition.

Let me tell you, this place has charm…and plenty of social distancing. We were able to sit outside away from others on an absolutely gorgeous Spokane evening. Sidney and I had lively and intimate conversation with my sister and brother-in-law in a unique and safe atmosphere. It was perfect.

My sister, Miranda, and my brother-in-law, Jay,

And it was also delicious.

Sidney and Miranda on Saturday night.

Let me show you a few of the things we ordered. My sister ordered something called the Swimming Angel—a chicken breast served over rice and topped with spicy peanut sauce and complemented with sweet and sour cucumber salad. A huge fan of Thai food, I almost chose that dish as well. However, I was after something else on this particular night…

My sister ordered the Swimming Angel at the Elk Public House.

I ordered the wet burrito. Yes, I know it doesn’t exactly look like a burrito but that is because it tastes even better. This thing was stuffed with pulled chicken, rice, beans, and cheese. When I ordered it, our server noted that the restaurant used its famous dirty rice in the burrito and thus had peas and carrots in it. She admitted that this was off putting to some customers. “Did you still want it?” she asked. I want it even more, I replied.

This burrito at the Elk Public House was AH-Mazing.

Sidney opted for the Jagerschnitzel, a breaded pork loin dish. The cutlets were pan-fried and topped with a gravy and served with the freshest golden potatoes you could ever imagine.

Sidney ordered the Jagerschnitzel

My apologies for not shoving my phone in my brother-in-law’s meal but he got the Cajun cavatppai, a creamy fettuccini dish with sausage, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and lots of garlic. If you are following along closely, you are probably looking at our entrees thinking….Thai. Mexican. German. Italian. If you are looking for a place with many culinary influences, the Elk Public House is calling your name.

Despite our dinner choice being a complete gem, we could have went to McDonalds and still had a great time with Miranda and Jay. Sidney and I are thankful for strong relationships with my siblings and their significant others. To be able to do so much with them since moving here has been a blessing. Don’t Blink.