My Top 5 Soups

Last week, I discussed my quirky food duos. In the post, I mentioned that I regularly drop an ice cube or two into a cup of soup before I eat it. I do this to cool it down because I love soup way too much to burn my tongue and develop a negative connotation.

How far does my enjoyment of soup go? Believe it or not, I once went on a diet that consisted of Campbell’s Chunky Soup (it worked!). So, because I mentioned soup last week and because I have shockingly never counted down my favorite soup varieties before, I thought I would do that tonight.

Honorable Mention: Italian Wedding – I will never turn down a cup of Italian wedding soup. Not only do you get to scarf down mini meatballs, but you also get a complete serving of your green vegetables as well. Add pasta to it and you have a soup with much going on. Out of all the soups on this list, it is probably the one that I have the opportunity to eat the least so I think it just makes it that much better when I do actually get to enjoy some.

5. Clam Chowder – As someone who doesn’t get too excited about seafood, you might be shocked that I included clam chowder on my list. However, I grew up on it. My family’s (mom’s side) Italian restaurant, the Pastime Café, served clam chowder on Fridays. Because we would make our trips to Walla Walla at the start of the weekend and because we would always drop in for dinner at the Pastime when we arrived in town, I was offered clam chowder a lot during my younger years. I ate it every single time. As I grew older and the Pastime shut its doors, I still ordered clam chowder at other restaurants. Although not my all-time favorite soup, it is a taste of my childhood and deserves a spot on the countdown.

4. Chili – Calling chili a soup reminds me of the “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” question. I think it straddles the line between a soup and its own separate dish but I am counting it as the former for this blog post. As a guy who loves spicy food and meat, chili is the perfect combination for me. Pairing a big bowl of chili with chips or cornbread is dynamite. I think it is cool that chili can be made so many different ways and that every town seems to host a chili cook off competition. Chicken chili, white chili, even beanless chili – I love it all (except for maybe vegetarian chili).

3. Butternut Squash Soup – Flavor flavor flavor! While the other soups on this list have a chunky texture because meats, veggies, and pasta comprise them, butternut squash soup is known for its smoothness. You aren’t enjoying this soup for its ingredients, you are enjoying it simply for the taste. I love the buttery and rich flavor of this soup. It is the pumpkin pie that is served before the main course. If you have the chance on an October or November brisk evening to enjoy a bowl, make sure you savor every drop.

2. Potato Soup – Nothing says “winter comfort dish” more than potato soup. There is no better way to warm the soul than with a piping hot bowl of potato soup served on a dark, snowy day. Creamy broth and chunks of potato go down easy and taste so good. Potato soup is the one variety on this list that you can confidently serve as a meal itself. Sprinkle a little cheese on the top and you have it made!

1. Pasta Fagioli – For those who don’t know, pasta fagioli is a classic Italian staple. It is basically pasta in soup form. I have told the story before, but my mom had to convince me when I was younger that I liked it by “re-branding” it as Button Soup, a dish in one of my favorite children’s books. But as I grew older, I liked it so much that I finally just started calling it by its actual name. My mom still makes big pots of pasta fagioli and she will jokingly text me and tell me to “come on over and get a bowl.” Although I can’t serve myself some of my mom’s version (a recipe that has been in the family for generations), I always order it when I get the chance at the Olive Garden. If you haven’t tried it, you have no idea what you are missing (make sure to top it with plenty of parmesan cheese!).


As I said last week, when given the option at a restaurant, I will take a cup of soup over a salad any day! If you have a soup that I need to try, please let me know, I will definitely be down to test it out. Don’t Blink.

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