My Quirky Food Duos

This morning on the sports talk radio program I was listening to, the host was talking about unlikely/disgusting food combinations that people enjoy. Examples included ketchup and eggs and mayonnaise and Spam (seriously, I almost vomited just typing those combos out…YUCK). I must admit, I have developed some odd food pairs over time as well. Although they might not be as sickening as the ones I heard about this morning, most of them are totally 100% unhealthy.

Here are five of my dynamite food duos…

Butter on Costco muffin – When it comes to Costco, I only purchase a few items. One of these products happens to be its world famous jumbo muffins. However, eating a calorie-ridden chocolate, poppy seed, or banana nut muffin isn’t enough for me. Did someone say butter?

Besides family members, I don’t think I have met anyone else who will cut open a Costco muffin, spread butter on the inside, and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. Totally unnecessary but totally delicious.

Me with some frozen Apple Crumb Costco muffins.

Ice in soup – I love soup. I grew up eating it and to this day I will always opt for a cup of soup over a salad when given the option at a restaurant. But while I am not sensitive to hotness in a spicy sense, I am senstive to hotness in a temperature sense. To me, nothing is worse than burning your tongue. It ruins everything…even a delicious bowl of soup. So, to prevent against this, I always drop an ice cube or two into my bowl. In my mind, a lukewarm soup is better than a piping hot soup. I understand it might look tacky scooping a piece of ice out of your water glass and dropping it into your soup bowl but it is a breach of etiquette I am willing to perform.

Half-And-Half in cereal – My mom taught me this trick. As I have mentioned before, we didn’t always have access to sugary cereals growing up. Thus, my mom simulated a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch by using regular Cheerios. Not only would she sprinkle some pure sugar on top of the Cheerios, she would substitute half-and-half for the milk. I can’t tell you how rich and heavenly it would make a “healthy” cereal taste. As I got older I would sometimes even add half-and-half to my Waffle Crisp or Reese’s Puffs, making my “breakfast” a legitimate dessert.

Hot sauce on hot dog– Several years ago while at a dive bar in Las Vegas, I ordered a $1 hot dog. Sitting at the bar by myself like a loser, I asked the bartender for a hot sauce packet. She watched in disbelief as I opened the packet and streamed the sauce down the hot dog.

“You put hot sauce on your hot dog?” she exclaimed.

Um, yes, I do. At the time I had no idea that someone would think that was weird. Come to think of it, I still don’t know why anyone would think it is weird. I don’t do ketchup or mustard so hot sauce is the logical condiment to put on a hot dog for me. Am I really that crazy?

If I have a plain hot dog and hot sauce is within reach, I am going to use it (I also like chili and cheese on my hot dog as well).

Parmesan cheese on…everything – I used to add Sriracha to everything but those days have passed. My new “condiment” of choice is parmesan cheese. I blame this one on my wife. She LOVES parmesan cheese (she calls it “shake cheese”) and has the tendency to buy the jumbo bottles. Not that her tastebuds are out of whack because I agree with her, parmesan cheese is great. These days, it is a staple at our dinner table. I don’t just douse my pasta in it – I pour it over deli sandwiches, Hamburger Helper, steak, and more. It is the perfect topping to any dish!

The Reser household loves parmesan cheese!


That’s all I got regarding my odd food pairs. If you have never tried half-and-half in your cereal before, I recommend you give it a try. Eccentric food combos can be fun, just as long as no mayonnaise is involved. Don’t Blink.

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