Sleeping Like a King

I don’t think anyone is more low maintenance when it comes to bedding stuff than me. You might remember the meme I shared a couple years ago about how Sid and I contrast when it comes to pillows…

This is 100% true for Sid and I.

It is true. Although our bed has six pillows, I need just one—Sid gladly takes the other five. And, just like the meme says, I take the oldest and flattest one…and sleep just fine.

So, you could probably imagine that I would be just fine sleeping in the same queen-sized bed, on the same mattress, with the same pillow for the rest of my life. However, I do recognize that not everyone shares my lax attitude when it comes to the requirements needed to enjoy a good night’s rest—my wife included.

For some time, Sidney has expressed her desire to purchase a king size mattress. She wanted more space to spread out and get lost within the sheets. Having kids who sometimes find their way into our bed only intensified her desire to make the upgrade. Oh yeah, maximizing comfort also had something to do with it. Who knew mattresses lose their “pep” over the years?

We had a date with the Spokane Valley Mattress Firm this past weekend.

This past weekend, Sid’s dream came true. We found ourselves in Mattress Firm with the intent to replace our current mattress. Sid walked me around the inventory arranged throughout the store. We laid down on the various mattresses to get a good feel for each one. Thankfully, my wife had a better gauge on which one packed the most comfort because they all kind of felt the same to me 😊

A look inside the Mattress Firm store we visited.

The only other people having more fun in Mattress Firm than Sidney were our children. Sloan and Beau ran wild through the store jumping on mattresses and using the remote controls to make the mattresses go up and down. Thankfully they didn’t break anything.

Sloan and Beau hang out on a mattress. This is the queen version of the mattress that we actually got.

When it was all said and done, we made a decision. Sid got her “king” and when it is delivered next Monday, we will be sleeping on a Sleepys by Sealy mattress. Although I wasn’t dancing out of the store like Sid was, I am sure it is one of those things that I will appreciate once I actually start sleeping on it. However, I am sticking with the single flat pillow. Don’t Blink.

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