Nitro Thursday Rundown

I love March. Longer days, warmer weather, build-up to Easter, exciting basketball, and a certain little girl’s birthday. I also hear that my Thursday Rundowns are a little better this month too. Speaking of that, let’s get to tonight’s five topics…

Snow Dump – February couldn’t exit quietly. On the last day of the month, it snowed half a foot. I woke up on Tuesday to about three inches. By the time I left the gym a couple hours later, an additional three inches fell. Sidney and I teamed up to shovel our driveway. Although Beau’s daycare operated on normal hours, the greater than expected accumulation of snow caused a two-hour delay for Sloan’s school.

The snow was coming down at a rapid rate on Tuesday morning as Sid and I shoveled the driveway.

Holiest of Anniversaries – Earlier this week, on Feb. 27, we marked the third anniversary of when Sidney was welcomed into the Catholic Church and Beau was baptized. What a holy experience for two life-changing events to take place together in a single morning! As the sacraments were bestowed in the side chapel at St. Andrew Parish in Myrtle Beach, we had a lot of support in the pews. Sidney’s family and my mom and sister were there including many of my Knights of Columbus brothers and other people from the parish. What happened that day transformed our family for the better and continues to bear fruit every single day.

Thanks be to God for Feb. 27, 2020. This is our family at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Myrtle Beach on the day Sidney was welcomed into the Church and Beau was baptized.

Dishwasher Diagram – I do a fair amount of dishes in our household, but I don’t always load them exactly as Sid would. I take more of a casual, cram-it-all-in approach. The other day, my wife sent me the below diagram for loading inspiration. This is the second major dishwasher intervention in our marriage. The first was just being able to communicate whether the dishwasher was clean or dirty (thank goodness for the clean/dirty magnet we bought). Do you and your spouse have the same dishwasher loading philosophy?

Sidney sent me this diagram of how she prefers the dishwasher to be loaded.

Pepsi Nitros – I saw these Pepsi beverages on the shelf the other day. Marketed as a “draft cola” I thought the shtick was that the drink was supposed to taste like it came from a tap. That was a major “pass” for me as the only time I would prefer a tap soda over a true canned soda is when it is a Coca-Cola from McDonald’s. But apparently the difference in Nitro Pepsi is more bougie. It is literally nitrogen-infused cola giving it a “softer” taste with smaller bubbles and a creamy taste. Not really my thing.

I ran into this grocery store shelf with Pepsi Nitros this past weekend.

Kai – At the suggestion of my brother, this week we watched “The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker.” The Netflix documentary tells the story of a young hitchhiker named Kai. This dude saved a woman from a physical assault and was featured for his heroism on the local news. During that interview his charisma was evident and he said a certain phrase that made him go viral. The media built up what seemed like a lovable and courageous guy. However, Kai wasn’t who he was portrayed to be. The documentary chronicles his rise and fall along with high levels of ridiculousness mixed in. I recommend.

“The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker” is a pretty wild ride.


Make this month spectacular, friends! Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to connecting again next week. Don’t Blink.

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