This Is My Thursday Rundown for 5-11-17

Welcome back to Don’t Blink. Wherever you are, I hope you are getting some decent spring weather. Here we go with my latest Thursday Rundown…

Date Nights – Sidney and I spent part of a couple evenings this past week enjoying time together. On Saturday night we attended an Alice In Wonderland-themed Kentucky Derby party where we watched Always Dreaming gallop to victory. Then, last night, we attended a Coastal Carolina baseball game. The evening was absolutely gorgeous as we chomped down on ballpark food and relaxed in the friendly confines of Springs Brooks Stadium. Although the Chants ended up falling to the College of Charleston, 6-5, it was a pleasant experience. Thanks to Sidney’s family for watching over Sloan in both instances!

Sidney and I enjoyed our date nights at the Kentucky Derby party (left) and the Coastal Carolina baseball game (right).

So Much Energy – It was revealed yesterday that LSU’S head football coach, Ed Orgeron, drinks 8-10 energy drinks PER DAY. If I just drink ONE energy drink per day my head is spinning and my heart is pounding. To think about a 55-year-old man downing 10 Rock Stars in eight hours makes my body want to explode for him.

How can a person drink 10 energy drinks in a day?

New Great Value Ice Cream Flavors – Last summer, the world was stunned when the Walmart brand of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was judged superior by Sidney over such powerhouses as Ben & Jerry’s and Blue Bunny. Empowered by the results of the blind taste test, I no longer felt embarrassed buying the Great Value brand. Last weekend, I noticed that more flavors are now available. Great Value has stepped up its game by offering more creative options such as an I Love Peanut Butter flavor and a Smores flavor. But what captured my taste buds was the Banana Puddin’ flavor. A banana flavored ice cream infused with a whipped cream ribbon and loads of vanilla wafer pieces, you might find yourself going back for another bowl. In my opinion, it is a perfect selection for the upcoming summer season. Next time you are at the ice cream aisle in Walmart, make sure to buy generic!

Banana Puddin’ ice cream by Great Value is something that both Sloan and I really like.

The Latest of Sloan – Each day, Sloan seems to get cuter. Likewise, each day I seem to grow as a dad. It is the perfect combination! Life is good and there is no greater joy than coming home at the end of the day and seeing my wife and daughter. Here is the latest photo collage of Sloan.

The latest photos of Sloan Anne Reser

Still Enjoying Southern Fast Food – Three years ago on this date, I ate at both a Waffle House and Bojangles for the first time…talk about a calorie binge! Both restaurants offered a tasty dining experience and 1,095 days later I still enjoy both places. However, I definitely eat at Bojangles more than Waffle House. There is a location right next to our house as I am quite fond of the Cajun filet biscuits for breakfast and the chicken rice bowls for lunch/dinner. A day later on May 12, 2014, after my arteries became unclogged, I blogged about the epic day of Southern fast food cuisine.

Three years ago on this date, I ate at Bojangles (left side of collage) and Waffle House (right side of collage) for the first time in my life.


Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend and most of all make sure to have a very happy Mother’s Day. Don’t Blink.

Books I Can Read To My Daughter

From the time I was a baby to even after I could actually perform the skill myself, my parents read aloud to me (and my brother and sister) every night. This routine helped make me become not just a better reader as I went through school but an avid reader later in life. It also gave me great memories of a large quantity of children’s books my mom and dad introduced me to over my childhood. My siblings and I still fondly discuss our favorites.

Just like my parents did with me, Sidney and I have already started reading to our daughter. We have a modest selection of books we have purchased or been given and yesterday Sloan received her first book via Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. However, there is something missing from our story repertoire.

This week, “The Little Engine That Could” arrived in mail for Sloan via the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

I currently don’t have any books meant specifically for dads to read to their daughters. All of them seem to center on a mother figure or feature a son. I usually try my best to adjust. For example, if I read Sloan “Love You Forever” I will swap the female pronouns used for the mother out with male pronouns to represent me and I will trade the male pronouns used for the son with female pronouns to signify Sloan. I am not the best at doing this and beyond just the hassle of substituting words I would like to read a book that specifically addresses the father-daughter dynamic.

Now I know I could easily Google “father-daughter children’s books” and get a huge list of a million titles. However, I would rather get the best of the best from my readers who either are actual parents themselves and can relate or from daughters who had these type of books read to them growing up. I want personal, experience-based advice as opposed to search engine convenience.

Your suggestions will mean a lot. I have already told my family that if they dare get me a Father’s Day gift, I would like it to be a dad-daughter book I can read to Sloan. If you give me a recommendation, there is a chance I might be the owner of it next month.

But enough about Father’s Day!! We have the real holiday coming up this Sunday and I can’t wait to celebrate a certain person’s (wink wink) first Mother’s Day.

In the meantime though, I would still appreciate suggestions. Help us build our “Sloan Library” with some great stories her daddy can read to her. Don’t Blink.

Hitting the Streets to Exercise

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about a change to my cardio routine. I noted that I was departing a bit from my indoor track workout and mixing in sessions on the treadmill a couple times a week. But since January I have added a new wrinkle to my running regime: I am starting to run outside.

When Sidney gave birth to Sloan, I was able to enjoy a week off with them at home. I didn’t hit the gym during this time but I did do something to get my blood pumping. Each morning I would briefly escape and run around the neighborhood for 15 minutes. I would venture out on a course I mapped out that measured in at a little over two miles. It was a nice change of pace (pun intended).

In my opinion, running outside is in some ways easier and in some ways harder than running inside on a track or a treadmill. When you have scenery to admire as you run, it takes some of the monotony out of your workout. You do tend to forget to a degree the stress of the run and you focus more on what is going on around you. Taking note of people’s pretty lawns, watching neighbors start their cars, jetting past kids waiting for the bus, and soaking in the natural fresh air give you some diversion from the fact that your heart is beating out of your chest.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t state that running outside does have its drawbacks. When you are inside, the elements are controlled. When I walk outside my house and begin my trot, I don’t know what I am going to face. Granted, I do live in Myrtle Beach and normally the weather is excellent. But there is always some presence of a wind and if you are running against it, you are definitely exerting more energy (and feeling it too!) than if you were at a gym. Even the humidity here in our part of the country, just at small levels, will zap your energy. Besides the weather, the whole running on pavement thing isn’t ideal either. It doesn’t do our feet any favors when we stomp them on asphalt or cement, something that I am reminded of when I wake up the next day and have that trace of soreness.

But when it comes down to it, I enjoy the benefits of running outside more than the drawbacks. Why? For me, I think it is about community. When I am exhibiting my less-than-stellar running form for all to see in my Carolina Forest neighborhood, I do feel a little more connected to those who live around me. To be honest, I am not the neighbor who goes door to door introducing myself to everyone. Thus, when I run, it gives me a more comfortable way to feel in touch with where I live.

Although I am not home on paternity leave anymore, I still try to run in the neighborhood. This morning I hit the streets because the gym was closed. On weekends when I have indulged in junk food a little too much I try to atone for it by going for a run. Best of all, I now have the sense that even if I can’t get to the gym I have a great option for cardio right outside my door. Now I just need to start pushing myself to run harder and longer. Don’t Blink.

A Transitional Time

This past weekend was spring commencement at Coastal Carolina University. Our institution staged three ceremonies over the course of two days. I feel our social media coverage improved from prior commencements as we were able to pull off a couple things I had been shooting for since this past summer. But for once, this weekend wasn’t solely about social media strategy to me.

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching several students I grew close to walk across the stage and shake our President’s hand. These particular students happen to be people I pretty much met when I arrived at Coastal three years ago (I celebrated my anniversary on May 1). They served on my #CCUSocialMedia Student Advisory Group and we kept a line of communication open as the days, weeks, semesters, and academic years went by. It is very bittersweet to see them go. Congratulations to all.

Now summer has arrived. Well, I think it is more like “summer.” Students have now left campus. Activity on Prince Lawn will dramatically decrease. Special hours will start this week and I will get off on Fridays at 12:30 p.m. So yes, in a work sense, summer is here!! However, summer doesn’t really start for me in my mind until June rolls around, Sidney’s school year ends, and it starts staying light out past 9 p.m.

But that doesn’t mean I am not going to enjoy the rest of May. It will be extremely nice to have a few weeks at work to recharge, get caught up, and evaluate the past academic year. Outside of the office I get to use the rest of this month to watch Sidney enjoy the remainder of her maternity leave, witness Sloan continue to do one cute thing after the other, catch some baseball games, and enjoy Myrtle Beach before it becomes outright tourist season very soon.

A new phase has definitely started as of 10 a.m. yesterday. Time to ease into it and enjoy it.  This is the calm before the storm as the meat of the summer, June and July, will be action packed months for the Reser family. Don’t Blink.

May Day Thursday Rundown

April showers bring May flowers! A new month has arrived and you can’t help but feel cheerful and optimistic during the month of May. I am ready with the latest Thursday Rundown…

Hungry Howie’s – A new pizza place opened up this week right by our home. Hungry Howie’s is a pizza chain that specializes in flavored crust pizza. Last night, the joint was offering 1-topping large pizzas for $6.99. We decided to try it out. We ordered a pepperoni pizza with garlic herb crust and some wings. Hate to say it, but the pizza itself is very average. The flavored crust was pretty good though and I couldn’t complain about the wings. However, with two other pizza places already right in the vicinity, I don’t think Howie’s proved it is the best option for the Reser household.

We ate pizza from Hungry Howie’s last night. It was average.

Color Me Rad – Four years ago today I ran Color Me Rad, a version of the enormously popular 5K color races that swept the nation in the early to mid 2010s. I had a blast and thought I would do more themed 5K races in the future. Unfortunately, my good intention has yet to reach fruition. Making it even more shameful is I now live in Myrtle Beach, a place with beautiful weather and no shortage of fun races to take part in. My goal is to participate in at least one 5K over the next year.

What I looked like at the conclusion of the Color Me Rad race in 2013.

Post 10 Concerts – The latest Facebook fad is to list 10 concerts with nine of them representing shows you actually went to. You are also supposed to insert one concert you did not attend and see if your followers can guess it. I didn’t want to do this on my actual Facebook page because I wanted to save it for my blog! Can you guess the bogus show? The answer is revealed at the end of this blog post.

1. Blake Shelton
2. Elton John
3. Carrie Underwood
4. Willie Nelson
5. Bob Dylan
6. Britney Spears
7. Tim McGraw
8. Gym Class Heroes
9. Brad Paisley
10. Mike Jones

Sandy Wexler – Adam Sandler made a movie exclusively for Netflix called “Sandy Wexler.” Centering on a washed up, eccentric agent (Sandler) who has a knack for signing underwhelming clients, Sandy finally has a break when he discovers a superstar young talent (Jennifer Hudson). Sidney and I watched it over the course of two nights and although it is a little long, I did get a lot of laughs out of it. The best part? The numerous cameos!! If you are a big Adam Sandler fan then go ahead and watch it; if you aren’t, I say don’t waste your time.

We watched Adam Sandler’s “Sandy Wexler” this week. You probably won’t want to waste your time.

Sloan Photos – Another Thursday means it is time for another round of Sloan photos. Here are some of the latest.

The latest collection of Sloan photos for you to look at.


Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. Special shout out to all the Coastal Carolina University students graduating this weekend. Did you figure out the concert I have not attended? If you guessed Britney Spears, you are correct. Don’t Blink.

My Favorite Jelly Belly Flavors

The BeanBoozled Jelly Belly game is all the craze right now, but you won’t find me playing it. I want to keep all my memories of Jelly Belly on the positive and delicious side. When I was little, there was an annual long road trip we would take for one of my sister’s gymnastics meets. About halfway between Spokane and the meet location was a convenient store that sold Jelly Bellys. It didn’t matter that my parents were dragging me away to a gymnastics competition several hours away from home because I got to throw some gourmet jelly beans into a bag at this random truck stop.

I refuse to play BeanBoozled and taint my love for Jelly Belly.

As the years went on, it started to become common for Jelly Belly dispensers to pop up in grocery stores. Heck, there was even a Jelly Belly dispenser on “Supermarket Sweep.” So although the novelty did die down a bit, I still enjoyed the flavorful experience of Jelly Belly.

So, this leads me to something all of you probably predicted…my favorite Jelly Belly flavors. I give you my top five favorite flavors:

5. Cotton Candy – What a fun flavor. Not too off the mark of what actual cotton candy tastes like, the Jelly Belly version is light and tasty. It is also a great bean to load up on to give your bag a bright aesthetic touch.

4. Pear – Like another jelly bean on this list, the pear flavor tastes exactly as advertised. As someone who counts the pear as one of his favorite fruits, this is a good thing. Sweet and flavorful, I could pop a few of these consecutively before the sugar got to my head.

3. Toasted Marshmallow – Although it doesn’t taste like it just came off the camp fire, I always enjoyed the marshmallow flavor. It just has a pleasant taste and could almost pass for a breath freshener if you didn’t have a stick of gum or mouthwash handy. Definitely one of the tastier flavors, this particular bean is calm enough that you can snack on several of them without transitioning to another flavor.

2. Dr. Pepper – I am convinced that you could round up a bag of Jelly Belly Dr. Pepper beans, smash it with a hammer, and then pour the contents into a glass and drink it. Although not advertised as containing actual Dr. Pepper (like the A&W hard candy I wrote about), the bean tastes just like it. I remember fighting with my siblings over the Dr. Pepper beans when we would have a variety pack. However, I never tried to throw that big of a fit because there was always the possibility that the bean I thought was the Dr. Pepper flavor could turn out to be the yucky chocolate flavor.

1. Buttered Popcorn – Unlike the Dr. Pepper flavor, the buttered popcorn Jelly Belly tastes nothing like buttered popcorn. However, the taste is so unique and so smooth that I would always fill my bag with a disproportionate amount of them. You could smell the buttered popcorn bean long before it got within inches of your mouth. Not overpowering but distinctive, I still love a buttered popcorn Jelly Belly.


When Sloan gets to be a kid, I am sure Jelly Bellys will be to her what candy cigarettes were to me. I just got to make sure to keep her away from BeanBoozled. Don’t Blink.

Taking Pride In My Name

I take pride in the weirdest and most non-important things. Completing an ice cream eating challenge, mastering a carnival game, and judging a macaroni and cheese contest are all high points in my life that I seriously might put down on a resume.

I also take pride in my name. If you know me, chances are I have enthusiastically told you that my last name spelled backwards is the exact same forwards. Yep, Reser is a palindrome…and I am probably way too excited about it. However, recently I found something else about my name that will now allow me to brag even more…

It is now an indisputable fact that I am the only Brent Reser in the world (well, at least in the country).

If you have time, surf over to

A co-worker of mine recently posted on her wall a link to, a website that will search all 324,792,172 names in the United States and report to you how many other humans have your same first and last name. Immediately when I saw this link I clicked on it and frantically tapped in “Brent Reser.” Within a second, I had the result I was hoping for written out on my screen.

It made my day that I am officially the only Brent Reser in the nation.

There is 1 person in the U.S. named Brent Reser. That’s right, that “1” person happens to be ME. I don’t know about you, but it is a huge deal to me to have a unique name. As an advocate of personal branding, I think the most crucial component of building your identity is by having a name that you don’t have to share with anyone else. When someone types my name in a search engine, I want only results relating to me to show up. When I create a social media handle or username, I don’t want to receive a notice advising me that @brentreser is already taken. When I apply for a job, a permit, or government service I don’t want someone else who shares my name to cause confusion. I want my own name all to myself.

Luckily for me, this is the case (despite what fake Facebook profiles might say). I thank my dad for having the 18,069th most popular last name in the world and to my mom for giving me a first name that every family wasn’t naming their son in the late 1980s.

The website will also give you statistics on where your first and last names rank in the popularity index.

How do you stack up? Is having a unique name important to you? Is it important enough that you want to make sure your own children have their own name that no one else has? (yes, there is only one Sloan Reser in this world). Let me know and please keep in mind that there is only one true Brent Reser on this planet. Don’t Blink.