Taking Pride In My Name

I take pride in the weirdest and most non-important things. Completing an ice cream eating challenge, mastering a carnival game, and judging a macaroni and cheese contest are all high points in my life that I seriously might put down on a resume.

I also take pride in my name. If you know me, chances are I have enthusiastically told you that my last name spelled backwards is the exact same forwards. Yep, Reser is a palindrome…and I am probably way too excited about it. However, recently I found something else about my name that will now allow me to brag even more…

It is now an indisputable fact that I am the only Brent Reser in the world (well, at least in the country).

If you have time, surf over to www.HowManyOfMe.com.

A co-worker of mine recently posted on her wall a link to HowManyOfMe.com, a website that will search all 324,792,172 names in the United States and report to you how many other humans have your same first and last name. Immediately when I saw this link I clicked on it and frantically tapped in “Brent Reser.” Within a second, I had the result I was hoping for written out on my screen.

It made my day that I am officially the only Brent Reser in the nation.

There is 1 person in the U.S. named Brent Reser. That’s right, that “1” person happens to be ME. I don’t know about you, but it is a huge deal to me to have a unique name. As an advocate of personal branding, I think the most crucial component of building your identity is by having a name that you don’t have to share with anyone else. When someone types my name in a search engine, I want only results relating to me to show up. When I create a social media handle or username, I don’t want to receive a notice advising me that @brentreser is already taken. When I apply for a job, a permit, or government service I don’t want someone else who shares my name to cause confusion. I want my own name all to myself.

Luckily for me, this is the case (despite what fake Facebook profiles might say). I thank my dad for having the 18,069th most popular last name in the world and to my mom for giving me a first name that every family wasn’t naming their son in the late 1980s.

The website will also give you statistics on where your first and last names rank in the popularity index.

How do you stack up? Is having a unique name important to you? Is it important enough that you want to make sure your own children have their own name that no one else has? (yes, there is only one Sloan Reser in this world). Let me know and please keep in mind that there is only one true Brent Reser on this planet. Don’t Blink.

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