Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Weight Gain

At the end of January I came back from Orlando, Florida, and I looked at myself in pictures taken at Disney World and the various other parks and there was one thing I noticed: I was getting really fat. I could really tell it in my puffy face and I could just see an increase in the sheer mass of my body. The crazy time of work through the September, October, and November months where I eat garbage 24/7 had caught up with me along with a holiday season where I disregarded any type of portion control or junk food limit. I immediately went out and bought a scale and it confirmed what I had seen in the pictures. I was almost 20 pounds heavier than what I consider my ideal weight.


This appalled me. It made me feel lazy. That night I told myself I was going to make some changes. I was going to eat better and make my workouts harder. Working out is no problem for me, it is something I need to do to stay sane. But what I needed to do to shed some pounds was to increase the intensity of my workout, and I did. Through the month of February I jumped into eating better and exercising harder. I started to see results. Then came March and April and I worked even harder. I went on my self-made “Soupa Diet” (the diet consisted of soup and a girl my friend and I knew always said “suppa” instead of “super” and we always made fun of her for it so that is how the name of my diet originated). I ate half a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, a  whole peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and a can of Campbell’s Chunky soup for dinner. Strictly nothing in between meals. I did this Sunday through Friday and then ate like a king on Saturday. Yes, I know it was an unhealthy and an odd way to lose weight but I didn’t really care too much because I loved the results. My roommate was dieting too and we were motivating each other. By the time May rolled around I had lost a little over thirty pounds. My six pack from my senior year of high school and freshman year of college was visible. I was down to about 168, twelve pounds below my ideal weight.



I stayed on my diet probably about half of the month of May and then I started traveling and the whole discipline deal went out the window. When you travel there is no sense in eating healthy and punishing yourself. You got to enjoy yourself, and I really enjoyed myself. Throughout the summer I ate well and drank like a champ. With being on the road so much, I missed a lot of workouts. In between trips I made sure to work out as much as possible and I think that is what saved me from completely going off the deep end. As of right now, I have gained half of the weight I worked so hard to lose during the Spring. The scary part is that I am now entering a part of the calendar that is very capable of exploding my waistline.



September, October, November, and December are months that keep anyone working in a Division I athletic department from having an outside life. The hours are long and you are pretty much working seven days a week. Stress levels become high and people get on edge. Now, for most people, one of two things happen when stress levels rise: You either gain weight or you lose weight. It is very hard to stay normal. However, when you are around a place where yummy, greasy, heavy food is readily available, chances are you are going to gain weight.


Here where I work, pizza is a main staple during the season. Because Pizza Hut is a corporate sponsor, there are always boxes of pizza in our department refrigerators. We utilize Pizza Hut to feed our student workers, to give our athletes a post game meal, to provide our press box personnel with a halftime lunch on football game days, and reward fans who attend certain athletic events. This all generates a lot of leftovers and on long days we eat it up. Friends of the athletic department bring food by regularly and it sits upstairs at the front desk for us to devour. When the football team does not eat all of their breakfast burritos we are the benefactors of the remains. Various hotel chains come around during our busy months trying to get us to do business through them and they never fail to bring delicious, fattening cookies and/or brownies. Before the Pizza Hut pizza even arrives up in the Press Box during halftime of the games, we are treated to a warm catered meal. Once the basketball games start in late October, each of us on staff who has a working function at the game (I do) gets to indulge in another catered meal. Sometimes the basketball teams will not eat all of their food from their pregame meal and we get to pig out on that as well. Frequent trips to the vending machines are made for candy and peanuts. Besides the candy and peanuts, the type of food I have mentioned above all qualifies as comfort food. Believe me, when you are stressed, you want some comfort. As I said earlier, hours get long so sometimes I miss workouts. Unfortunately, the campus gym I use is only open until 11pm. You do the math, increased food intake and decreased exercise is not going to give me the body I want.
So hopefully by writing this post I will make myself even more aware of the trap  I am prone to fall into over the next few months. I need to look at a picture of me in Orlando each day during this busy time and use it to scare me into not becoming that size again. Hopefully I can exercise a little more self-control than I did last year and watch what I put into my fat mouth. In order to watch I am going to have to do one thing: Don’t Blink.

Facebook Ambushers

Many of you who know me know that I am really big into social media. Not only do I utilize it on a personal basis, I also utilize it to make a living as social media is a huge part of my job. I love social media so when I see it being abused, I get a little defensive. I have made up my mind that I am going to devote a few separate blog posts on what to  avoid with social media. These posts will not be in succession of each other but will be spread out over a couple of months. One of these posts will deal with ex-significant others and ex-flings who try to get back at you/play games with you via social media. I can’t wait to lay into that one. So honestly, stay tuned to my blog because you won’t want to miss it. I feel like probably everybody in my reading audience is going to be able to relate to that slimy practice.
Tonight though, I want to talk about a social media practice that is less personal and more on a professional/business level but is also done by cash hungry individuals as well. I want to talk about the practice of businesses and individuals using ambush marketing on Facebook pages of other entities.
I promise this will be a very quick marketing lesson.  Ambush marketing is when an advertiser tries to profit and feed off of an entity (such as a business, organization, famous person) it has no contract with. Basically, they are attempting to make money off of something or someone without giving that something or someone any type of initial compensation. Examples of this include using a logo of a company on your own product to try to get it to sell, infiltrating an event sponsored by a competing brand and trying to push your product, or flat out lying that your business is associated with another entity when it really is not. You get the picture, you envy someone’s success and you want to get a piece of it by capitalizing off of them and not paying them a dime.
Ambush marketing on Facebook is when a business/organization/dumb person decides to push their name on the page of someone else. From here on out, I will refer to it as Facebook ambushing.  For my job, I am in charge of a Facebook social network that has garnered over 80,000 likes. Our brand is very popular and unfortunately it has gained the attention of many Facebook ambushers. But I do not want to focus entirely on my work in this post. Facebook ambushing is a problem that is very prevalent on the Facebook walls of many successful businesses and brands across the world. I know all of you have seen it over and over. What is the big deal you ask? Bottom line, it is an unethical business practice. By engaging in Facebook ambushing you are soiling the name of the entity whose wall you are posting on, ripping off the other companies who have a legitimate presence on that entity’s wall, and demonstrating that you are the laziest business/organization/individual there is.
Okay, so obviously you have an admiration for the company you are about to ambush. But does that mean that they have an admiration for you? Hell no! Just because you think the chick who lives next door to you is smoking hot does not mean she will feel the same way about you.  So how disgraceful is it for you to climb the fence, trample in the yard, and then kiss her? This is what Facebook ambushers are doing when they randomly post on the wall of  another entity. They are trying to make it look like they have a relationship with the entity they are ambushing and, even more maddening, they are trying to look like they have a relationship with the fan base as well. Okay, you all know I work for Grizzly Athletics. It really hits a nerve with me when some random business posts on our wall by saying “Hello Griz Fans, we hope you are excited for this Saturday’s game…(enter pitch right here).”  First off, don’t post on our wall  with your sales pitch PERIOD. Secondly, do not make some lame attempt to reach out to our fans. It is incredibly tacky. What is concerning though is that with 80,000 fans on our Facebook network, there is bound to be a healthy chunk of individuals who see the random company’s name on our wall and think there is some type of relationship with our department. This is damaging. When a marijuana legalization group decided to spread their propaganda on our wall I just about flipped out. You can’t have a green leaf next to Monte.  I know that is an extreme example but  you get the point. Don’t go on someone else’s territory and try to fake a relationship with the mom and then make a run at all the kids too.
Another reason why Facebook ambushing is harmful is because it cheapens the investment other companies have made to have a rightful spot on the wall of the entity that you are hijacking. Many innovative, savvy companies have recognized that it pays off to advertise and/or run promotional campaigns on the social media platforms of their partners. These companies who are advertising on the Facebook and Twitter pages of other companies have paid good money and have taken the time to plan a well thought out, tasteful campaign. For some flea market store from the planet Pluto to come out of nowhere and paste their company’s name all over the wall of the advertising company’s partner is highway robbery. While running social media for Grizzly Athletics I want to make sure our wall is sacred space and not some dumping ground where anyone can post their garbage. I want to keep our Facebook accounts in tip top shape so our guys who sell for us can assure partners who want a social media presence through Grizzly Athletics that they are going to be getting a good deal.
My third  reason for disliking Facebook ambushing is that it is just plan ol’ lazy. What moron couldn’t hop on a computer and copy and paste their company’s crap on Facebook page after Facebook page? Please tell me you are paying your advertisers and marketers to be a little more creative than that. By unfairly capitalizing off of someone’s social media audience you are just making yourself look bad. I said that a good chunk of people are going to see what you write on the wall of other entities and believe that you have an affiliation with them but there is also going to be a good chunk of people who see right through what you are doing and realize that no official relationship exists. And you know what? These people who are smart enough to figure this out are usually those who are making a bit more money than the others and whose opinion carries with it a little more pull than the others, so in essence they are the people who you want to put your best foot forward towards… not the people you want to feel that you are lazy.
If you are interested to know what I do about Facebook ambushers or if you have any other questions regarding social media please ask me sometime, I am very passionate about this new type of communication that has taken over our society. Remember, respect the territory of others and only climb the fence when given permission. Don’t Blink.

Do You Trust Me With An iPhone??

Today I joined the 21st century and activated my new iPhone. I have had my nifty device now for about thirteen hours and I can say that in that short amount of time I have come quite a long ways. It should probably be noted that if you are swamped at work, it is not a good idea to activate your iPhone.  Because I could not put my new piece of technology down, and because I am in the middle of a jam packed week,  I left work a little before 8pm (got there at 7:30am). So take my advice and activate your phone on a weekend so you can have all day  to become acquainted  with your new phone.
Luckily for me, my work bought me my iPhone. With my new position, it was just necessary that I have one. In order to keep up with the second-by-second crazy breaking news environment that our department must keep up on and be at the forefront of, it just made sense. I have downloaded the Twitter App and I know have access to all ten of our department accounts right on my phone…that is pretty sweet! I will also now have the ability to start initiatives with social media that I could not before because I did not have a smart phone. It is so nice to be able to immediately respond to e-mails while in a meeting or walking back from the gym however I do not know if I have warmed up yet to the idea of receiving them while at home watching football or while taking a girl out. A couple of people I work with today told me to simply not look at it but I must confess I don’t know if I will be able to do that. When I look at my phone and it tells me I have an e-mail I can’t resist, I have to know what it says.
Even though the reason why I have my iPhone is because of work, I want to get away from that for a second and just talk about my thoughts and reaction to the phone. First off, I love how it is half phone/half music device. I have never owned an iPod in my life and now I have one. I can’t wait to start downloading music to it and building up my library. How cool is it that you can sync everything through your computer using iTunes? Everything in that aspect is so easy and accommodating.
I love all the different apps you can get! I feel like I might go a little over board on this. A cool thing about my phone is that I set up my Apple ID using my own personal credit card so I have the freedom to add whatever I want to my phone knowing that I will not charge the department a cent. Apps dealing with sports, weather, social media, and country music are areas I see myself subscribing to.
Over the course of the day I really got to know my phone. When I first activated it this morning I was a little overwhelmed but I was also really excited. Right away I realized why everyone talks about the iPhone the way they do. The possibilities really are endless. It is crazy to think that such a small device has so much power. With such a small, sleek, powerful device though, you have to treat it right. The first thing my boss said to me when she saw that I had my iPhone was to buy a case for it. I admit it, I have had some bad luck with phones in the past and I have broken and/or lost my fair share.  For whatever reason, if you have a Blackberry in our department and you break it you get it replaced…not the case with the iPhone. I am going to hold myself to a high standard and make sure I take impeccable care of my device. I am a twenty-four year old guy who can take care of his things. There will be a case on my iPhone by the end of the week.
I do have to get used to the texting part of my iPhone. Even though by the end of today I was 100% better/quicker at texting on my new phone, I still have a long way to go. I need to lose a lot of weight in my fingers to get where I want to be texting wise. My fat fingers messed me up so many times today that I was very humbled. This is coming from a person who sends out around 6,000 text messages a month. I am used to texting with one hand with my eyes closed while juggling fire so to say that I felt like I took a step back today is an understatement. Even though my boss said she has still not gotten used to texting on her iPhone, I am going to become the best IPhone texter that I can possibly be. One thing that I am going to have to say goodbye to (and my mom is going to be so happy) is texting and driving. With my old phones, I would text with one hand and steer with the other. It made boring drives go by so much faster. With the way the iPhone is set up texting wise it would be plain suicide to even attempt that. My driving and texting days are over.
Tonight I  am going to devote a few hours to learning even more about my phone and becoming more efficient on it. I might just pull an all-nighter, that is how stoked I am about this phone. If you have any tips or stories for me regarding your experiences with the iPhone please let me know, I would love to hear. Until then, I will probably be playing Angry Birds. Don’t Blink.

Be A REAL Fan!!

College football kicked off this past weekend and I was in heaven as I caught as much of the action as possible. As I wrote in a previous post, I am passionate about the game. Once September hits my Saturdays are devoted to college football. I pretty much love everything about the game except of course when my favorite teams lose and one other thing that never fails to get on my nerves.
Now you might think I am sensitive to this issue because I work in an athletic department and I am around coaches pretty much six days a week from dawn until night. I get to witness firsthand the immense amount of pressure they are under, the stress they put themselves through, the lengths they go to give their team the best chance to win, and the ungodly hours they put into their job that you could never imagine.  However, having observed “the life of a coach” the two years I have worked in intercollegiate athletics it has not really shaped my view on the subject I am just about to get into but rather it has confirmed it. Because I grew up in a sports family with some of the most first class, knowledgeable fans I have ever known, I have lived my whole life following a certain code that so many others choose to break once adversity hits.
I can’t stand fair-weather armchair coaches. Let me say that again….I can’t stand fair-weather armchair coaches. For all of you out there who don’t really follow sports, an armchair coach is someone who has no affiliation with a given team other than for the fact that they call themselves a “fan” and feel that they know a thousand times more about football (or whatever sport it is) than the entire coaching staff combined. These armchair coaches are great at basking in the glory when things are going good for their team. Usually, when the ball is bouncing the way of their team and the wins seem to be piling up, their “coaching duties” are pretty minimal. They will just bitch about the fact that the coach went for it on 4th and 1 instead of attempting a 55 yard field goal on a rainy day into the wind. Of course, this precious coaching advice does not come until after the fourth down play was stuffed. What you really have to watch out for with these fair-weather armchair coaches is when a team runs into some adversity and starts to struggle a little bit. When the team of an armchair coach starts to lose, they take it very personally and feel like they must offer their expertise.  This is when I wish someone would save me and blow my ears off so I do not have to listen to their gibberish.
Call me old school, but I live under the adage that you support your team no matter what. I thank my dad so much for instilling this in my mind. He taught me to steer clear of all the negative crap that people love to shell out and to stay true to your team (coaches and players) through thick and thin. Growing up in Spokane and with my dad being a Washington State University alum, he would take me down to Pullman for all of the Cougar football games. These made up some of the best memories of my childhood. If you know much about Cougar Football, you know they are pretty bad so I witnessed a lot of losing. I still looked up to all of those coaches as if they were gods though partly because my dad never said a cross word about them and gave them nothing but respect. I took this example with me throughout the years as I followed other teams and as I ventured through my own athletic playing career.
So many of these armchair coaches feel that the two years they spent on their varsity high school football team makes them experts on the sport.  Give me a break. Playing a sport at a low level is much different from coaching it at a high level. I guess I should probably give these gridiron prepster all-stars some credit though because they actually have a wealth of experience compared to some of the people I hear sniffling about coaches and what they would do in their situation. Look, I would never think about critiquing a gymnastics coach. What right do I have to do that? The only gymnastics I ever participated in were the tumbling classes my mom enrolled me in when I was three years old. It is complete asinine to think that I could offer Bela Karolyi a couple pointers on how to get his gymnasts a couple more tenths of a point on the vault. Okay, let’s just make this general rule right now: If you have never competed at the level in which the coach you are criticizing is coaching at, just keep your mouth shut.  Without an iota of experience, you have absolutely no clue. And if you have not even played the sport in your whole life cause you were too lazy or did not have the guts to try out, don’t even think about criticizing in the first place.
Sometimes I don’t think these armchair coaches realize just how much knowledge and experience these coaches have. Let’s just start with assistant coaches at the college level on any Division I roster. If you read their bios you will quickly notice that many of these guys shined as collegiate players and a good majority of them had some professional experience. You will then notice that they have made numerous stops at other schools to finally arrive at their current spot. Take a look at their education too, many of them hold Master’s degrees.  Lots of these degrees are in areas such as Educational Leadership, Public Administration, Athletic Administration, etc. I mean their education is tailor-made for a career in coaching. If you read a biography of a head coach you will be amazed. You will go through a long list of prior coaching spots across the nation they once held, NFL stars they had coached, legendary coaches they had coached with, awards they have won, and degrees they hold. To think that some thirty year old dude with no college degree who never played football in his life feels he has the right to challenge the job performance of a coach is a joke.
Another thing that I have a problem with when it comes to these armchair coaches is they think they know more than a coach based on the three hours they invest on Saturdays to watch the game. They feel that by watching from the stands or from their couch while downing beers that they know how well a coach is doing based solely on whether the team wins or not. So many people are ignorant to the amount of time that coaches put in. They have no idea that coaches spend around 18-20 hours a day during the season preparing their team. They watch film, participate in coaches’ meetings, participate in players’ meetings, watch more film, deal with administrative issues pertaining to the team, conduct practice, deal with the media, fulfill community obligations, develop a game plan, create scouting reports, watch more film, and so much more. At the school I work at, the light is ALWAYS on in office of our head coach. There is absolutely no rest for these coaches. How can someone who only watches the game, a three hour event, believe they know more than a coach who spends close to 150 hours a week focusing solely on football and the given game that weekend?  Take a reality check and just don’t say a word.
Armchair coaches are the most impatient people in the world. They expect to win RIGHT NOW. They have absolutely no idea what it takes to make /maintain a winning program. They are clueless about why coaches do things the way they do. They know nothing about the challenges that will always occur when there is a coaching change. If you are a new coach at a program, watch out for the armchair coaches, especially if you are inheriting a traditional winning program. Armchair coaches have a tough time dealing with change. They are clueless on all the factors that go into the previous coaching staff leaving and believe that the transition should be seamless. They don’t think for one second that the previous coaching staff left because maybe they felt that the cupboard was a little more bare than usual. Don’t for one second think these armchair coaches will be fair human beings and give the new coaching staff a few years to implement their system with their players. It is just not in the WIN NOW nature of armchair coaches.
Earlier I made the point of saying that I would never critique a coach of a sport I did not play, especially when it came to anything game plan/technique related. Well let me close this post out by broadening this point a little more. Coaching is a profession. It is a very demanding and challenging profession. I would never try to say that I know more than someone who works in a profession that I have never had any education/experience in. Sorry, but  I am not going to pick on an electrical engineer and blast him in a bar or on a message board saying he has no idea how to do his job and then give pointers on what he could do to be halfway competent. Worry about your own job and your own career.
So as a new collegiate sports season is upon us, I ask all of you to be real sports fans. Support your team! If it is going to be a tough year, let your whole damn community know that you are going to support them through thick and thin and wear your team colors proudly. When some jerk disguised as a fan disses your team, find solace in the fact that you love your team no matter what and that your life is not so wrapped up in the final win-loss record that you must resort to insulting someone who has way more invested in that team than you ever will. Please, leave the coaching to the professionals. Stay classy everyone! Don’t Blink.

Naturally Dark

I am one of those people who love to be outside. Living in Montana where the weather is pretty miserable for three quarters of the year, you learn to really savor the decent weather and the sunshine that comes from about the start of July through mid September. On the weekends during this time period, I take advantage of it to the max. I make it a point to hang outside as much as possible. I hike, float, swim, play sports, watch sports, go to festivals, and do my favorite things such as reading, blogging, and journaling outside. Because of my time outdoors, my skin darkens…a lot.
My mom is full Italian and she definitely passed along her darker skin complexion genes to me.  I could pretty much step outside the house and step back in during a 90 degree sunny day and gain some color. Lucky for me, I tan rather than burn except in rare circumstances. I guess you could say it is the one positive trait that I received in exchange for all the others I missed out on (good looks, naturally beautiful teeth, height, built body, pretty eyes, athleticism, good personality, smartness, skills with girls, etc. etc.).
When you combine the facts that I pretty much live outside during the summer weekends and that I tan incredibly easily, then you can probably imagine that I get pretty dark. This is definitely the case. During the summer, I probably receive ten comments a day on how tan I am. I get called black, Mexican, Arabian, Jamaican, and many more. When I was in Arizona this summer, there were several Mexican guests at my hotel. Numerous times these people would come up to me and start asking me questions in Spanish, believing that I was one of them. Three years in Spanish did teach me enough to remember “No hablo espanol.” People ask me what type of tropical vacation did I just get back from or they ask if I am keeping the sun all to myself. I don’t mind all these different types of comments. They do start to get old and I do look at myself in the mirror each day so I do know what I look like but I don’t mind them.
 What really bothers me is when people accuse me of fake tanning. This usually happens when I am out downtown and people who don’t know me, especially dumb dudes who don’t have lives and who have not one girl remotely close to them, decide to pop off at me. They might say something like “went a little too long in the tanning bed?” or “save some bronzer for the rest of the humanity.” When these losers say this to me I do defend myself. I should probably not give them the time of day and walk off but I don’t do that, especially not after a few drinks. I make sure it never gets physical but I do put them in their place. Ask me sometime how I do this.
The point of this post is that I just want to officially state to everyone that I have never fake tanned in my life. I have never set foot in a tanning bed, never bought an over the counter tanning product, never gotten sprayed. I hate the unnatural look that it produces and it just does not appeal to me to sit in some chamber or have someone cover my body in some weird mist. When I  think of fake tanning I think of bodybuilders who go absolutely over the top for their competitions and put so much artificial tanning garbage on themselves that they look disgusting. No thank you.
So please believe me when I say that I do not take measures to tan. I am simply a person who has a naturally darker skin complexion than most white people that is magnified during the summer.  Unless I commit some heinous crime and get locked up in solitary confinement in some hard nosed prison I will continue to look dark…this guido just loves the outdoors too much. Don’t Blink.

College Football vs. NFL Football: Easy Decision!!

You don’t have to tell me, I know very well that the National Football League reigns supreme in this country compared to all other televised sports. The NFL is a gold mine and it is just not the league’s outrageous TV ratings that proves this. All you have to do is  talk to your friends, look on social media, watch Sportscenter, or  listen to any sports talk radio show to get that the NFL is king. The sheer fanaticism that resulted when preseason games started earlier this month showcased the wild popularity that the NFL enjoys.
Acknowledging this, however, I must include myself in the minority and say I believe there is something better in the sporting world than the NFL. There is something that I find more entertaining and more gripping. In fact, it is not even a different sport. I would watch college football over the NFL any day.
This is probably the understatement of the year, but a major reason why the NFL is so popular is because of fantasy football. This phenomenon has brought in so many people to the sport. I can’t believe all of my friends who eat, sleep, and breathe fantasy football. Shout out to my roommates who spend 5x as much time managing their fantasy teams as they do studying.  However, even without FF, people still prefer the NFL to college football. In my book though, I always look more forward to Saturdays than I do Sundays. I have many reasons for this.When it comes to the actual play, college football is better than the NFL because the style of play is so unique throughout the country. The NFL is just so homogenized. With free agency and a coaching fraternity where pretty much everyone is connected to each other in some way, you don’t get contrasting styles of play. Rather, the NFL comes down more to who makes the most big plays and who has the best players. With college football, you are going to get something new each week. You could have a team that is built on running it up the gut going against a team with an option offense. You might have a team that goes from the gun each play and passes 80% of the time matching up against a team that utilizes the wildcat offense. You could have a no huddle offense against a team that waits until the last second of the play clock to snap the ball. Each game is completely different. While each game between two different opponents features contrasting styles, you can look at the broader picture and see that each conference has a different style. This is why I love the opening week of the season and the ending of the season so much….you get to see teams from different conferences and different geographic regions bring their totally different styles of play and clash over the course of sixty minutes. I eat this type of stuff up.
Even before the games start, the buildup for a college football Saturday carries with it so much more excitement and intrigue than the hype before a new NFL week kicks off. ESPN’s College Gameday might be the best sports show in the business. On the Saturdays where we have home Griz football games I always watch “Gameday” before heading off to work, it gets me so excited for the day. How can you not get pumped watching Fowler, Corso, Herbstreit, and Erin Andrews on site at the campus of the biggest game of the week surrounded by jacked up students? I love how they go 100 miles per hour covering all the significant games across the nation while Corso plays to the crowd. The various NFL pregame shows on about four or five different stations just don’t get me psyched for the upcoming games. They take place in studios and the excitement and atmosphere is just missing.
College football is much more interesting to me because of what it takes to succeed. College football is so much more dependent on leadership, hard work, and drive than the NFL. I respect the heart of a champion so much more than the god-given natural talent of a champion. I like seeing people such as Tim Tebow succeed. His leadership and charisma rubbed off on everyone on those Florida teams and it made them all better. These personality skills that Tebow possesses magnified his physical skills and probably motivated him an extra notch while at UF. In the National Football League, they could care less. Without the option to utilize his personality skills in  the NFL he just  has his physical skills to fall back on and unfortunately they are not enough to cut it. These NFL guys pretty much had their whole offseason and mini camp training sessions wiped out because of the NFL lockout. Many of them are saying it is of little impact to them. Could you imagine where college teams would be if they had spring ball, summer conditioning, and most of fall drills canceled? It would be a disaster. I love the fact that college teams can still hold two-a-days and still wear full pads to practice a couple times a week. I admire that college football players balance school and a social life with their athletics.
College football players play for so much more than NFL players do. They play for their school, they play for their fans,and they play for their passion for the game. NFL players play mostly for a paycheck and for that next big contract extension. Go ahead and insert all the jokes you want about the rough offseason college football endured with improper benefits, the fact of the matter is that this is the exception and not the rule. No, majority of these athletes do not have shady boosters offering them thousands of dollars and new cars. Most of the kids in college football are laying it out there each day based solely on their love of the game.  How can you not respect that?
Another thing I prefer over the college game to the NFL game is the spirit. Any given college football game is much more spirited than an NFL game. Please do not confuse someone’s spirit level with their craziness level. College football is based on spirit while the NFL is based on pure bedlam. When you go into a college stadium you are going to be surrounded by passionate fans who are motivated by tradition, pride, and love for their school. When you go to an NFL game you are going to be surrounded by die hard middle aged men in jerseys whose lives depend on whether or not their team wins that day. While student sections at college football games get rowdy, not even 110,000 fans packed into The Big House at Michigan can muster up half of the drunken chaos that defines NFL games. I am completely fine with this. Give me the marching band, the cheerleaders, and the quirky mascots over the canned music filled, scream-until-you-die, anarchy-ridden atmosphere of NFL games.
The way a college season plays out is much more suspenseful than an NFL season. In college football, every single week is extremely important. Mess up once and your school’s season could end in disappointment. While this is kind of a bummer of a deal to see your team lose once and then be disqualified from a possible national championship berth (talking BCS right now), for a college football fan in general I think it is awesome. The storylines from week to week never get old. The anticipation and then the reaction of when the polls are released always generate great debate. In the NFL you can clinch a playoff spot and then rest your starters for sometimes several games, what a joke! This is never an option in college ball.
Finally, watching college football as opposed to the NFL is just so much more aesthetically pleasing. Seeing unique stadiums with years of history packed with fans clad in school colors engaged in chants is so much better than watching an Indianapolis Colts game in a dome or a game played on a field that still has a baseball field cut into it. Especially on television, a college football venue screams personality while an NFL field gives off a cold corporate feel.
I am so excited for this Saturday. With no home Griz Football game, I will be glued in front of my TV all day long. Block me on twitter now if you do not want to receive numerous tweets regarding my reaction to the games throughout the day. College football is here! From now until January it is going to be very easy to follow the best advice in the world; Don’t Blink.