Do You Trust Me With An iPhone??

Today I joined the 21st century and activated my new iPhone. I have had my nifty device now for about thirteen hours and I can say that in that short amount of time I have come quite a long ways. It should probably be noted that if you are swamped at work, it is not a good idea to activate your iPhone.  Because I could not put my new piece of technology down, and because I am in the middle of a jam packed week,  I left work a little before 8pm (got there at 7:30am). So take my advice and activate your phone on a weekend so you can have all day  to become acquainted  with your new phone.
Luckily for me, my work bought me my iPhone. With my new position, it was just necessary that I have one. In order to keep up with the second-by-second crazy breaking news environment that our department must keep up on and be at the forefront of, it just made sense. I have downloaded the Twitter App and I know have access to all ten of our department accounts right on my phone…that is pretty sweet! I will also now have the ability to start initiatives with social media that I could not before because I did not have a smart phone. It is so nice to be able to immediately respond to e-mails while in a meeting or walking back from the gym however I do not know if I have warmed up yet to the idea of receiving them while at home watching football or while taking a girl out. A couple of people I work with today told me to simply not look at it but I must confess I don’t know if I will be able to do that. When I look at my phone and it tells me I have an e-mail I can’t resist, I have to know what it says.
Even though the reason why I have my iPhone is because of work, I want to get away from that for a second and just talk about my thoughts and reaction to the phone. First off, I love how it is half phone/half music device. I have never owned an iPod in my life and now I have one. I can’t wait to start downloading music to it and building up my library. How cool is it that you can sync everything through your computer using iTunes? Everything in that aspect is so easy and accommodating.
I love all the different apps you can get! I feel like I might go a little over board on this. A cool thing about my phone is that I set up my Apple ID using my own personal credit card so I have the freedom to add whatever I want to my phone knowing that I will not charge the department a cent. Apps dealing with sports, weather, social media, and country music are areas I see myself subscribing to.
Over the course of the day I really got to know my phone. When I first activated it this morning I was a little overwhelmed but I was also really excited. Right away I realized why everyone talks about the iPhone the way they do. The possibilities really are endless. It is crazy to think that such a small device has so much power. With such a small, sleek, powerful device though, you have to treat it right. The first thing my boss said to me when she saw that I had my iPhone was to buy a case for it. I admit it, I have had some bad luck with phones in the past and I have broken and/or lost my fair share.  For whatever reason, if you have a Blackberry in our department and you break it you get it replaced…not the case with the iPhone. I am going to hold myself to a high standard and make sure I take impeccable care of my device. I am a twenty-four year old guy who can take care of his things. There will be a case on my iPhone by the end of the week.
I do have to get used to the texting part of my iPhone. Even though by the end of today I was 100% better/quicker at texting on my new phone, I still have a long way to go. I need to lose a lot of weight in my fingers to get where I want to be texting wise. My fat fingers messed me up so many times today that I was very humbled. This is coming from a person who sends out around 6,000 text messages a month. I am used to texting with one hand with my eyes closed while juggling fire so to say that I felt like I took a step back today is an understatement. Even though my boss said she has still not gotten used to texting on her iPhone, I am going to become the best IPhone texter that I can possibly be. One thing that I am going to have to say goodbye to (and my mom is going to be so happy) is texting and driving. With my old phones, I would text with one hand and steer with the other. It made boring drives go by so much faster. With the way the iPhone is set up texting wise it would be plain suicide to even attempt that. My driving and texting days are over.
Tonight I  am going to devote a few hours to learning even more about my phone and becoming more efficient on it. I might just pull an all-nighter, that is how stoked I am about this phone. If you have any tips or stories for me regarding your experiences with the iPhone please let me know, I would love to hear. Until then, I will probably be playing Angry Birds. Don’t Blink.