The Last #SidAndBrent Wedding/Honeymoon Post

I want to start this blog post by saying thank you for your patience. One month ago today, I wrote my first post after a two week hiatus from Don’t Blink. Most of you excused my absence, noting that getting married and going on a honeymoon are significant life events. Because those events made such an impact on me and kept me away from this blog for so long, I had a lot to write about when I returned.

Since June 19, I have written 20 blog posts. Out of those entries, 14 of them centered on wedding activities or our honeymoon. The six non-related blog posts? They were either about Coastal baseball, Pokemon Go, or it was a Thursday Rundown.

This is the last wedding/honeymoon focused post you will read for the near future.

This is the last wedding/honeymoon focused post you will read for the time being.

Although I am sure I will write about wedding and honeymoon events in the future, the focus on #SidAndBrent will not be as prominent going forward. I am sure Sidney will welcome this as she was starting to wonder how far I was going to stretch everything.

But as a final curtain call to the best two weeks ever as chronicled in this blog, I do want to lay out the posts I wrote pertaining to our wedding activities and honeymoon below. Thank you all for reading my blog over the past month and for showing genuine interest during this very special time in our lives. Don’t Blink.

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