Off to North Carolina

It is currently 3:30am and I am just a little more than a couple hours away from embarking on a day–long odyssey that will take me from Missoula to the east coast. In between Montana and my final destination, there will be several stops. Lots of take offs and landings. Surely some babies who won’t stop crying and some seat mates who won’t stop talking. Odds are there might be a couple hiccups. Am I dreading what lies ahead for the next several hours? Absolutely not.

By the end of today I will be in Boone, North Carolina, where my co-worker Jimmy and myself will start making preparations for The University of Montana football team to arrive on Friday and to ensure a smooth sailing ship logistics wise so they are ready to go come Saturday night when the Griz take on fellow FCS heavyweight Appalachian State in a much anticipated football game.

This year I am serving on the advance travel crew for the football team. It is an endeavor that I am extremely looking forward to and one that I hope to learn a lot from. How did I get so lucky that the first game I get to do this for is a regular season game for the ages? I have no idea.

Jimmy and myself will fly out of Missoula to Minneapolis. From there we will go to Atlanta. From Atlanta we will touchdown in Bristol Tri-City, Tennessee. From Bristol we will make the drive to Boone, NC. While helping with the travel/lodging/transportation logistics, I will also get to give our fans a first-hand account of the team’s activities through our social media channels…not a bad gig.

Have a great week everyone! Make sure to tune in (ESPN Gameplan) to the game at 4:30pm MT this Saturday as the Grizzlies take on App State, it should be a great one. Don’t Blink.