What I Thought About “Fuller House”

Although I don’t really watch television shows now, I did when I was a kid. I watched TGIF and Nickelodeon, but we also had a few family shows that the five of us Resers would watch together. Most of you have probably watched “Home Improvement” and a smaller portion of you are probably familiar with “Touched by an Angel.” Both of these shows we viewed as a family on a weekly basis during their runs. Besides eating dinner together and going to church on Sunday, there wasn’t a more sure thing in the Reser household.

But there was one other show we watched religiously as well. In fact, it predates both “Home Improvement” and “Touched by an Angel.” The first television series we really enjoyed as a family was “Full House.” We* couldn’t wait for Tuesday night when we would watch the new episode. “Full House” became engrained in our family fabric and even after the series ended us kids would still watch re-runs on summer days throughout our childhood.

When it was announced that “Fuller House” would be released, I didn’t get too overly excited. My sister on the other hand was a little bit of a different story. Her nostalgia for the show was a tad more intense than mine. For the several weeks leading up to the launch on Netflix, Miranda let her enthusiasm be known with constant giddy texts about the show sent to our group message (comprised of my brother, his girlfriend, Sidney, my sister, and myself). Her constant promoting of the series rubbed off on us and by a week ago last Friday when it premiered, we all had “Fuller House” fever.

The day that "Fuller House" premiered we were all pretty pumped!

The day that “Fuller House” premiered we were all pretty pumped!

It would come as no surprise that my sister watched the whole series that first weekend. However, for someone like me who doesn’t binge watch shows in the first place, it would take a little more time. Just this morning, nine days after “Fuller House” was made available, I finished the 13th and final episode of the first season.

So, what did I think of it? Well, it took me some time to ease into it. Believe it or not, after watching the first episode I was a little turned off. Don’t get me wrong, it was cool to see the whole cast back together. I liked seeing how they had changed throughout the years (many of them look great) but I was perhaps a little overwhelmed. The writing and production is exactly the same as the original series…same sense of humor, same situations, same character development. In that first episode, this reality was literally stuffed down your throat. The opening show was packed with joke after joke after joke. It seemed like the crew was doing all they could to make up for lost time. In theory, how couldn’t this be the best thing in the world?! Call me tough to please but it was just a little too much. In fact, I didn’t know if I would be able to watch the second episode right away. I needed a break.

I started to enjoy "Fuller House" a little bit more once the cast condensed.

I started to enjoy “Fuller House” a little bit more once the cast condensed.

As I am not the one to research television shows and movies, I had no idea that “Fuller House” would condense its focus from a full on cast reunion to a different premise. I was under the impression that we would see Danny, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse every episode. When it became clear that the series would center on DJ and her family with Stephanie and Kimmie along for the ride it narrowed everything down and made me a little more comfortable.

With some of the big personalities gone but their character roles reprised by the women, the series made sense and it developed a flow. I could now contently sit down and watch two episodes in a row if I wanted to.

Saying all of that, I managed to develop an opinion on the actual content of the series. In my opinion, I thought it was good. However, this doesn’t mean I thought it was great.

I thought Stephanie, Kimmie, and especially DJ all did a great job in their roles. They were fun to watch and they did a real honor to their past “Full House” selves in reviving their characters for the “Fuller House” version. However, for the most part, I wasn’t blown away with the new members of the cast. The kids didn’t make a positive impression on me (except for Tommy) and Fernando flat out bothered me. So, it is a little rough watching a series when you don’t particularly care for more than half the cast. An exception to my disdain for the new characters though was Matt, who played DJ’s new love interest. He seemed like my kind of guy and he never made me cringe.

The comedy for the most part was pretty good. If you watched “Full House” you most likely could see all the “Fuller House” jokes from a mile away. Like I mentioned above, sometimes it was just too much but for the most part I laughed out loud throughout most of the series (just ask Sidney).

When it comes down to the episodes, I have two favorites. I loved the show where DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmie go to the club and engage in a dance off. I also enjoyed the one where “a secret admirer” sends “a thousand” roses to the house and the three ladies try to determine who sent them (classic “Full House” type of dilemma). My favorite guest character during this inaugural season was definitely Uncle Jesse. My least favorite character who played in “Fuller House” who also played in “Full House” was Steve. My least favorite character in “Full House” who I ended up liking on “Fuller House” was Kimmie.

I really enjoyed the "roses" episode of "Fuller Hpuse" and to add to it, Uncle Jesse was in it.

I really enjoyed the “roses” episode of “Fuller Hpuse” and to add to it, Uncle Jesse was in it.

“Fuller House” definitely wasn’t “must-see TV” for me. But I did enjoy watching the series at my own pace. There really is something to watching kid actors as a kid yourself and then aging with them so that years later you find yourself watching young adult actors as a young adult yourself. It was announced that “Fuller House” will be back for a second season and I can truthfully say that I will watch it. Don’t Blink.