A Birthday Thursday Rundown

It is the last Thursday Rundown of the month. I hope you all have enjoyed the first several weeks of 2016 and that your resolutions are still intact. Let’s get started…

The Revenant – This past Sunday, Sidney and I went and watched “The Revenant.” I wanted to briefly mention it just because the movie is a big Oscar contender. I enjoyed the movie and found it interesting but I don’t think majority of the population would. In my opinion, I think most will probably find the film slow in parts and rather primitive. I am a Leonardo DiCaprio fan but I prefer movies where he actually has a personality. I know he had to exert every ounce of his energy to make “The Revenant” but I don’t think effort alone should get you an Academy Award.

Our "The Revenant" tickets from Sunday.

Our “The Revenant” tickets from Sunday.

Happy Birthday, Sidney – Today is Sidney’s birthday! I went to her school this morning and brought “Miss Mathis” lunch while her students watched us the whole time. This evening we will celebrate with her family. As I mentioned in a Facebook video I did for her, this is the year of her life where she will get married! Happy Birthday, Sidney!

I am pointing at you Sid because it is your birthday!

I am pointing at you Sid because it is your birthday!

Facebook Anniversary – Today is the nine year anniversary of when I joined Facebook. Next year I will probably dedicate a whole blog post to the one decade mark of when I got my feet wet with social media. Would you believe that I was a hold out when it came to joining Facebook? I included this most recent “Life’s Little Instruction” because it is obviously outdated. It should really read Remember, the future AND social media are the only places where it’s possible to add more friends than you have now.

...and social media too.

…and social media too.

Brutal Fights – I came across a tweet today where a certain person said she observed her dad watching street fight videos on Facebook. I found this kind of funny because when I went home for the holidays, I noticed my dad taking my mom’s tablet and watching street fights off of her Facebook account. For those who don’t know, these fights are brutal affairs that take place in neighborhoods and other urban areas. I don’t have the stomach to watch them (I alone hate UFC) but apparently it seems like dads in their late fifties enjoy them. I choose to tap out.

Wedding Update #17 – When I booked our honeymoon a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. However, another important groom responsibility was still on my plate….a rehearsal dinner plate that is. At times it was a frustrating process trying to find a venue for our rehearsal dinner but I finally found a spot. Our wedding party will be dining at Thoroughbreds the night before the big day. Thoroughbreds is a steakhouse and seafood grille located on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. The restaurant is beautiful, it is close enough to church, and it can handle a group of our size. I am glad to have this selection made.


Well I got to go celebrate my fiancé’s birthday! Have a terrific weekend and thanks for taking time to read my blog. Don’t Blink.