An Exciting Opportunity to Get Better

This afternoon I traveled up north to the great American city of Boston. I am here to attend the Social Media Strategies Summit for Higher Education. The conference will take place over Wednesday and Thursday. I will return home on Friday. To put it bluntly, I am stoked to be here!

Why am I so excited? Well, let me translate for you what the SMSS Higher Ed exactly is. Basically, it is two days of workshops, meetings, and networking geared specifically to social media professionals working at colleges and universities. Over the next 48 hours I will be in company with fellow social media coordinators and directors at higher education institutions across the nation. I will be with my true counterparts, men and women who run their university’s primary social media accounts and head up the social media programs on their respective campuses. Although I have connected with some of the people who will attend this conference before, I have never met any of them in person.

As social media is still a relatively new profession, there aren’t a lot of conferences dedicated solely to the subject, especially pertaining directly to the higher education level. This conference in Boston is basically the sole opportunity for people like me to learn and discuss strategies with others who are in the exact same position that I am.

I am incredibly grateful to Coastal Carolina University for allowing me this opportunity. I plan to get as much out of this conference as possible. It is my hope that this will allow me to improve both #CCUSocialMedia and my own professional skills. Don’t Blink.