North to Baltimore We Go

After over three months in the South it is time to go north…for a couple days at least.

In less than two hours, Sidney and I will be on our way to Baltimore, Maryland, for a weekend of fun and baseball. Weather permitting, we will watch the Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners square off against each other in Camden Yards on Saturday night and then again on Sunday afternoon. As a lifelong Mariners fan this is a real treat for me. Believe it or not, I have never seen the team play in person besides at Safeco Field or the Kingdome. To see them on the road will be fun. Sidney and I will both be sporting Mariners gear so hopefully we get treated decently by the locals.

Our tickets for tomorrow's Baltimore Orioles vs. Seattle Mariners game.

Our tickets for tomorrow’s Baltimore Orioles vs. Seattle Mariners game.

As you noticed I did say “weather permitting” above. Forecasts that started early in the week and ran through even as late as yesterday had Saturday night and Sunday tagged for lots of rain. Traveling almost 500 miles only to see the games get rained out would be less than ideal. Thankfully as of today the forecast has cleared a little bit and by first pitch tomorrow there should be no rain. Please cross your fingers.

Besides the baseball we hope to experience the city as much as possible. I have never visited Baltimore before and can’t wait to check out another new city. From what others have told me I know two things: 1. I need to walk around the Inner Harbor because it is really cool. 2. I need to watch over Sidney and myself because it is a dangerous and sketchy town.

Here is the travel plan: We will set out at 5 p.m. today. We will drive until we get to Fredricksburg, Virginia, where we will spend the night. Early tomorrow morning we will travel the remaining two hours or so to Baltimore and check into our downtown hotel. Early Sunday evening after the second baseball game concludes we will travel the full eight hours from Baltimore back to Myrtle Beach.

If you care to do so, follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@brentreser for both services) for updates on our trip. There will be no blog post on Sunday but I will provide a recap on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone and GO MARINERS! Don’t Blink.