Sailboat Thursday Rundown

The day of the week has arrived when I write about randomness. Crazy to think that the next time I run things down it will be September. While it is still August, let’s dive into tonight’s five topics…

Foreign Candy – On our cul-de-sac, we have three Romanian families living in three different houses. Luckily for Sloan and Beau, they all have young children. We have gotten to know each other over the summer as our kids have spent hours and hours playing with each other. Recently, one of the moms went to the neighboring country of Moldova for a visit. She returned with a Ziploc bag of Moldovan candies for us. Although not as sweet as American candy, it has been fun to try these Eastern European treats!

This was the candy that was brought back to us from Moldova.

Tidbit from the Wedding – I thought I would share the place setting from Kailey and Corbin’s wedding. The way they did our names was creative and it turned out to be a nice souvenir item. Also, every single item on that menu was delicious!

I thought it was cool how this was done.

Sailboat – One final thing to share from our Hawaiian trip. During the beach welcome event of Kailey and Corbin’s wedding festivities, guests were invited to go on sailboat rides. Sid and I jumped at the chance and set sail in the Pacific waters. At one point, a giant sea turtle floated past us. What a relaxing and fun activity it was!

This is the sailboat we sailed in. Can you spot me (hint: red hat)?

Palouse Scenery – From time to work on my Thursday Rundowns I share photos from my drives to Pullman. I thought the image I took this morning on the way to campus deserved placement in my blog. I think the clouds mixed with the early morning remnants of the sunrise would have been worthy of a Bob Ross painting.

This scene outside my driver seat window had a calming effect on me this morning.

Random Share – To be honest, I don’t have really anything of substance for my fifth topic so you get my favorite photo I took of my kids this week. If I can convey any wisdom, it would draw to your attention that today is National Kiss and Make Up Day. Lighten the load off your shoulders and reach out to someone you have strained relations with and make things right. You will be so glad that you did.

These two are both pretty decent at seeking and granting forgiveness from one another. As adults, we need to have the same attitude.


Time to wrap things up for this evening. I hope you have a wonderful evening and a nice weekend. Remember to not forget about the conflict in Ukraine and the people who are suffering. We need to continue to pray for them. Don’t Blink.