Do I Really Look Like a Fish?

Part of me doesn’t even want to write about this. I fear that by bringing this up, especially on the busiest day of the week for Don’t Blink, people may forever look at me differently…literally. Almost two years ago, I wrote about the striking resemblance many folks feel I have to NFL star quarterback Russell Wilson. While I embrace that comparison, there is another one I have heard in my lifetime that isn’t so flattering.

Just this past summer, I saw the movie “Finding Nemo” for the first time. On a beautiful Myrtle Beach evening, I joined Sidney and her family as we sat outside on a big grass field at the Market Common area to watch the film. It was projected on an enormous screen, giving me great close ups of a certain character. As I sat in a lawn chair as hundreds of people around me enjoyed the opportunity to watch a movie outside, I focused in on the fish with short-term memory loss.

So let me ask you a you see a resemblance?

So let me ask you a question…do you see a resemblance?

In high school, I had a football teammate who good-naturedly told me I looked like Dory, the blue fish from “Finding Nemo.” He was pretty much convinced that I was the Disney star minus the fins and gills. He would even call me Dory instead of my actual name. I didn’t think too much about my likeness being compared to a female cartoon fish and forgot about it over the past ten years.

Here is a profile shot of the two of us.

Here is a profile shot of the two of us.

However, now that I actually watched the movie over the summer and with the impending sequel based solely on my animal doppelganger in the works, I decided to revisit this decade-old comparison. The time to do this was perfect on Friday night when Sidney mentioned the “Finding Dory” (set to debut in June 2016) movie to me. I looked her in the eye and asked if she saw any resemblance whatsoever between Dory and yours truly.

“You do kind of look like Dory!” she laughed.

I just don't really see it.

I just don’t really see it.

Not the response I wanted but I do appreciate her honesty. This morning I have scrutinized photos of Dory. What makes her look like me? I get that she has dark marks that might look like my dark hair. But I can’t really see anything else that remotely looks like me. Is it the eyes? The mouth? I would say we have pretty different body types.

So on this Sunday I leave the ball in the court of my readers. Do you feel I bare a resemblance to Dory? More importantly, in what way(s) do I? If you feel the comparison is hogwash and you don’t see how a person could liken my appearance to anyone else besides Russell Wilson you can definitely say that too. Thanks for the feedback. Don’t Blink.