Middle of Summer Thursday Rundown

It is the middle of July and that means we are in the heart of summer. I absolutely love this time of the year! Here I go with the latest edition of the Thursday Rundown…

Eating Good – One of the best parts about marriage is the food! Sidney has made me some incredible meals since we tied the knot. This week alone we have feasted on some terrific dinners. On Monday, we celebrated our one month wedding anniversary with delicious steaks. The meat was very flavorful and the homemade mashed potatoes she made from scratch would make Paula Deen envious. On Tuesday, she used inspiration from another recipe to create her own sausage pasta. Doesn’t it look pretty? The dish tasted even better yesterday when we ate it for leftovers!

Steak one night, sausage pasta the next.

Steak one night, sausage pasta the next.

Taco Time – A popular Mexican fast food restaurant in the northwest is Taco Time. This particular location below is a restaurant in Spokane. My brother sent me a snap of the marquee a couple days ago. With the Pokemon Go craze dominating the interest of our country right now, I thought the sign was pretty funny.

I enjoyed this message on the sign of a Taco Time restaurant in Spokane.

I enjoyed this message on the sign of a Taco Time restaurant in Spokane.

Movies – Over this past weekend, I saw two movies. The first one I watched was “Free State of Jones.” The film stars Matthew McConaughey and tells the story of southern defectors who fought against the Confederacy during the Civil War. It was interesting and the scenery in the film was beautiful. But what really stuck with me was the superb acting performance from McConaughey. It was worth the admission.

I also saw “The Purge: Election Year.” I went by myself to this one as Sidney is not into that type of stuff. I got pretty much what I went there to see: chilling and sadistic images of purgers. Tough to explain but I just like seeing the twisted costumes they wear and the way the producers highlight them for optimal “creep out” impact. Each film in the series sheds more and more commentary on the structure of society, with this latest movie doing it to a high degree. I was entertained by “The Purge: Election Year” but if given the choice, go see “Free State of Jones” first.

I enjoyed both "Free State of Jones" and "The Purge: Election Year."

I enjoyed both “Free State of Jones” and “The Purge: Election Year.”

Trump’s Vice President Pick – First off, I was completely wrong when I predicted two months ago that Donald Trump would pick John Kasich as his running mate. Then, this week, my gut told me that Trump would probably select Newt Gingrich as his second-in-command. But with credible news agencies saying he is going with Indiana Governor Mike Pence it looks like I have no idea what I am talking about. To be honest, out of the finalists announced this week, I was hoping Trump would give the nod to Chris Christie (although I truly thought he was going to select Gingrich). That pair just seemed more entertaining to me.

Distinguishing Between Reality TV Shows – Before I met Sidney, I did not watch reality TV. Now I watch every episode of “Big Brother.” This isn’t by force either; I enjoy “Big Brother” and look forward to it. However, most of my reality show watching ends there. A co-worker asked me today if I watch the other shows that Sid watches. I answered no. The reason why I can watch “Big Brother” and not programs such as Real Housewives of whatever and “The Kardashians” is simple: I can relate to “Big Brother.” I see myself and I see others I know in the people on the show. There is strategy and there is a point. With the other shows, I don’t see anything familiar or real. I can’t bear to watch.


It was a good week of blogging, I hope you all enjoyed. I will catch up with you on Sunday. Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.