The Two Female Musical Artists I Enjoy the Most

After last night’s blog post about my top casual dining restaurants, I thought it would be appropriate to probably lay off writing about food for the rest of the week. However, I do want to keep the “Brent’s Favorites” theme going.

I am not someone who obsesses over music. I know many people who couldn’t live without it. Although I don’t need music buzzing every second of every day to keep me happy, I still do enjoy it. So, in the spirit of what some call “the universal language,” I want to identify my current two favorite female musical artists.

Hanging out with my two favorite female musical artists.

Hanging out with my two favorite female musical artists.

When it comes to purely voice, there is no other person (male or female) I like more right now than Ellie Goulding. To me, her voice is heavenly. It is distinctive and meaningful. I have never said this about any other artist before, but I also sense a bit of mystery in her voice. To me, I think her music just keeps getting better. I was never a big fan of her first huge hit, “Lights,” but since then I think she has kept improving. Songs like “Goodness Gracious,” “Anything Could Happen,” “Burn,” and “Love Me Like You Do” are melodies I never tire of hearing. But like I said, I think she keeps raising the bar. I really enjoyed her first single off her new album, “On My Mind.” However, when Sidney let me watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show I immediately gravitated to the song that Goulding performed live, “Army.” Once it starts getting radio play you probably will too.

I am not the only Ellie fan…Sidney loves her too. Most likely, one of the first dances at our wedding reception will be to an Ellie Goulding song. I should have used “romantic” up above when I was describing her voice.

The other artist I am pretty high on is Demi Lovato. Sure her voice is above average but I just like her style and attitude. I also find her the most attractive female performer out of them all. To me, she just looks real and healthy. I know using “real” and “healthy” to describe attractiveness might sound strange but that is the best I can come up with to explain it.

I became a fan of Demi’s when I first heard “Give Your Heart A Break” because she belted out a couple verses that made me really recognize her. Since then I have continued to follow her music. A year and a half ago I wrote about another single she released that I enjoyed enough to mention in my blog. Since then, her music has become a little sexier but she still sounds really good.

If I wanted to end this blog post in a creative way I would have mashed up Ellie and Demi lyrics. Instead, I think I will just go purchase more of their music to my phone. Don’t Blink.