Splash Pads in Spokane

I discovered the best summer hack ever: splash pads.

Sloan has discovered splash pads and she loves them!

Our state is in a serious and unprecedented heat wave with numerous consecutive days of 100+ degree days. It is pretty day. Now while I realize the best course of action for many is to just stay inside, a certain 4-year-old girl has other ideas. Sloan needs to be outside and doing things.

Oh yeah, Sloan isn’t the only one who enjoys splash pads…Beau does too.

So, we have been making the rounds at various parks in the Spokane and Spokane Valley areas. As I have mentioned before, the parks in this area are beautiful, green, and spacious. They have creative playground equipment, hiking trails, designated picnic areas, plenty of shade, and more. They almost all have splash pads too.

Can you spot Sloan? She is playing on this splash pad at Mission Park in Spokane.

For parents, the splash pad is a perfect attraction because kids can cool off without getting too wet to do anything but swim. Splash pads are usually situated right next to the playground so Sloan can go back and forth between each one. On these days that are scorchers, Sloan can run through the splash pad and then hit the play equipment that would otherwise be too hot to play on if not for cold water protecting her body. She can then spend time swinging on the monkey bars and going down the slides until she needs to cool off again on the splash pad.

After getting wet at the splash pad at Edgecliff Park, Sloan will then run over to the playground equipment.

The splash pads are terrific social centers. From what I have observed, they bring kids together as they laugh and splash as water shoots up and pours down. A camaraderie develops around the shared experience of getting drenched with cool water. Sloan has met several other kids on the pads and their newfound friendship expands to the playground as well. It is like magic.

Beau scoping out the splash pad at Greenacres Park in Spokane Valley all while keeping an eye on his sister.

Splash pads help parents fend off heat strokes too. It is a way for us to stay cool during these sizzling days. Although I don’t run through the pad myself, I do put my hands in the water and cool down my neck or arms. Also, the mist that develops and finds its way to the adults standing on the perimeter of the pads is very much appreciated.

The splash pad at Riverfront Park is pretty spectacular.

From what I have seen so far, all splash pads are different in Spokane, making it even more fun. Layouts, fountains, geysers, and funnels are all unique at each park, making for a special experience at each one. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Sloan and her cousins love hitting up the area splash pads. This is at Edgecliff Park in Spokane Valley.

Perhaps I am just on such a splash pad high because we were taunted by them last summer. Sloan and I would visit all these Spokane parks and see the elaborate but roped-off pads. Damn you, COVID. You sure know how to break a little girl’s heart.

Beau doesn’t mind getting wet.

So maybe we are making up for lost time. Or maybe it is just really hot out. Or both? Yeah, both. Thank you to our area parks for installing splash pads, they sure are fun! Don’t Blink.

Sloan’s Top 5 Spokane Parks

Alright folks, we like parks. Well, at least Sloan and I do. Luckily, we live in a city with a lot of them. In tonight’s blog post, Sloan and I thought we would reveal our top five parks in the Spokane area. My daughter doesn’t like when I write a lot so we promise this will be brief!

5. Holmberg Park – This park is located in north Spokane and it has a little bit of sentimental value because I used to play there as a little boy. But Sloan could care less about that! She likes Holmberg because it is an awesome summer park and a winter park. You can play on the toys and have a picnic in the warmer months and go down some of Spokane’s best sledding hills in the snowy months.

Sloan preparing to sled down a hill at Holmberg Park.

4. Mirabeau Point Park (Discovery Park) – This gem can be found in the Spokane Valley and is a nice modern option. Sloan and I like it because it reminds us of a certain park we played at in Myrtle Beach. Discovery Park is an accessible/enabling playground with a lot of special equipment and fun things to do. We have enjoyed our time at this park so much that we even made a TikTok.

Sidney and Sloan relaxing at Discovery Park in Spokane Valley.

3. Lincoln Park – Oh man, this particular park is pretty wild. It has a lower portion and an upper portion. The lower portion is where we begin our visits because it has a decent playground and a swing area. Once Sloan and I get our energy flowing, we then tackle the upper portion. A steep bluff connects the two halves of the park so bring your hiking shoes—I say that only half sarcastically. If Sloan can scale the hilly trails you probably won’t have much of a problem. Once you reach the top after a scenic and colorful mini hike, you are treated to beautiful views of Spokane and a pond. This tucked away park is awesome! (Oh yeah, we made a TikTok here too).

Sloan becoming one with nature at Lincoln Park in Spokane’s South Hill.

2. Edgecliff Park – Our neighborhood park isn’t making this list simply as an honorary gesture…Sloan and I honestly love it! This park is well-kept and boasts a playground, basketball court, baseball diamond, shelter, splash pad, benches/picnic tables, and lots more. We have had numerous picnics here and we appreciate the many shady areas. This place just feels like home…it is “our” park!

Sid and the kids hanging with my sister and her children at Edgecliff Park last summer.

1. Riverfront Park – The signature feature of the city of Spokane must be good for something, right? Well, tonight it is good for #1 on our list. Filled with history, nature, and personality, this large park in downtown Spokane is the place you need to take someone who is visiting the city for the first time. Sure it was cool back in 1974 when it hosted the World’s Fair but Riverfront Park is just as cool today. Although you might think Riverfront Park is our top choice simply because it has a lot more than what the other parks on this list have (a carousel, big red wagon, garbage goat, light show, etc.) you would be mistaken. Sloan and I like Riverfront Park because of the green space, trees, playgrounds, and smell of the outdoors. Nothing screams “Spokane” more than this place and we adore it.

Riverfront Park is the best that Spokane has to offer.


Do you have a favorite local park whether it be in Spokane, Myrtle Beach, Missoula, or somewhere else? Let me know and happy park-ing! Don’t Blink.