Starting the Rundown on a Somber Note

Good day everyone! Hope you all have enjoyed your week thus far. It is that time of the week! Here comes my Thursday Rundown…

On Charleston – I really can’t say anything more than what has already been said. Even if I could think up something else to add it wouldn’t matter because words just can’t explain the evil. What I can say is that Charleston is an awesome city, a historical hot bed of our country that I have enjoyed the opportunity to visit a couple times since I have moved to the South. With the rest of the country, I pray for that poor church community and the city as a whole.

Sidney and I in front of The Citadel in Charleston last summer.

Sidney and I in front of The Citadel in Charleston last summer.

Food I Need to Eat – Over the past couple of weeks I have come across some food items on social media that I need to try. Of course all of these are terribly unhealthy but I would love to sink my teeth into them. In no particular order, I need to try Dr. Pepper cake, cake batter cheesecake, Pizza Hut’s hot dog pizza, and the Jurassic Park Blizzard at Dairy Queen. I am going to try to make a deal with Sidney. If she will make me the first two items, I will pick us up the other two items. Although eating all of this would put the functioning of my heart in a very precarious position, it would make a great blog post.

I need to try these food items!

I need to try these food items!

 The Brew Mile – Have you heard of this yet? The Brew Mile is a challenge that encourages you to run a mile while pounding a beer every quarter of a mile. You attempt it on a track and each time you circle around you chug a can. This has become a big thing. I have thought long and hard about this and I have humbly concluded that I don’t think I could do it. I calculated that probably by the third beer I would be so bloated and side ache-stricken that I would have to walk. It gets me thinking though if anyone out there could complete a Brew 5K or maybe even a Brew Marathon.

South Carolina Heat Wave – The past week we have experienced temperatures that reached well past 100 degrees on the heat index. The humidity that we “enjoy” in this part of the country has made breathing and staying outside for just a couple minutes a tough task. But you know what? I will take this weather over snow, wind, and cold every single day. When you have the beach and a beautiful pool at your disposal you can overcome the nastiest of warm conditions.

The forecast in Myrtle Beach for the next five days. Temperatures in the mid-90's mean conditions that feel well over 100 degrees.

The forecast in Myrtle Beach for the next five days. Temperatures in the mid-90’s mean conditions that feel well over 100 degrees.

NBA Finals Wrap-Up – First off, congrats to the Golden State Warriors on a big championship victory. It was very well-deserved. Over the past couple weeks, I had been critical of Lebron James’ performance in the Finals. Because of this, a few of my friends routinely trolled me on Twitter. However, their attempts to change my thinking always fell short. Lebron put up CRAZY numbers during the series against Golden State. However, he simply wasn’t “at his best when his best was needed.” Every game during the NBA Finals he either blew it during crunch time of the fourth quarter or wasn’t a factor at all. Again, King James put up astronomical numbers but when it mattered most he fizzled. Twitter users tried to win me over to Lebron’s camp with outdated articles or blog posts that never addressed the main issue. James is an incredible player but he definitely was not the MVP of that series.


Have a fantastic weekend! Once again, thoughts go out to Charleston. Don’t Blink.