Brent’s Top 5 Best Songs of 2015

I mentioned last week that with the arrival of December I can start focusing on Christmas. December also means that I can start reflecting on the past year.

For my Sunday blog post I am giving you Brent’s Top 5 Best Songs of 2015. It is something I seemingly do every three years. To be honest, I had to think quite a bit about the songs that would make up this list, and not because I had many to choose from. While I knew my top song, I was a little underwhelmed with the amount of singles that really impressed me in 2015. With that said, let’s do this countdown.

5. “Downtown” – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

When it comes to the music of Macklemore, it is definitely hit or miss for me. Some songs I enjoy (i.e. “Cant Hold Us) and then other songs annoy the hell out of me (i.e. “Thrift Shop”). In my opinion, he made a winner with “Downtown.”

In the song, I can deal with the rap verses even though they test my patience a little bit. Why would a song that doesn’t “wow” me throughout its duration make this list then? Because it is all about that chorus! I love the buildup to, and then the actual performing of, the main part of the song. It sounds so triumphant and glorious, something that is really nice to drive to. In fact, I will probably have the belting out of “Downtown” in my head for the rest of the day. This song had enough to sneak on the list because the music video was shot in my hometown of Spokane.

4. “Where Are You Now” – Skrillex and Diplo & Justin Bieber

For me, this song is all about the melody. Although I do like Bieber’s vocals, I enjoy the part in the song the most when the performers stop singing and it is just that signature beat. The way the song goes slow on vocals and then fast on the music is a pretty cool and impactful technique.

3. “Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift

I know I risk the chance of having my masculinity questioned by including this artist on my countdown but I can’t turn my back to Taylor Swift and “Bad Blood.” In my humble opinion, this song just brings attitude!

I love the chorus, I love when Taylor says “Ohhhhhhhhhh it’s so sad to….”, and I love the rap insert by Kendrick Lamar. The song just packs a punch and Taylor sings it with conviction. Also, as with “Downtown”, the music video left an impression on me that just adds to my enjoyment of the song. I know she has numerous #1 hits, but I think “Bad Blood” will go down as a Taylor Swift classic.

2. “Sangria” – Blake Shelton

Mr. Shelton delivered my top song of 2012 and he earns a spot on my 2015 countdown as well. The one word I use to describe “Sangria” is smooth.

I enjoy the low key nature and simplicity of the song. It just flows so well and then of course you have Blake’s one-of-a-kind vocals. My favorite part of the song is how he sings “Only thing I want to do tonight is drink you like a Spanish wine.” The way he hits that lyric is just on point. Not an anthem song for Blake by any means but definitely a solid one for easy listening.

1. “Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon

While it took a lot of contemplating to come up with what songs I wanted to include on this list, my #1 song was never in doubt. I absolutely love “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon and I am actually listening to it right now.

I was immediately grabbed by the up tempo and retro nature sound of the song. It literally made me want to: 1. Shut up if I (or someone else) happened to be talking and 2. DANCE! It was an automatic energy boost for me.

But believe it or not, there is something else about the song that I like most of all…that guitar solo though!! If I was a professional baseball player, that snippet of musical genius would be my walk up song. I don’t jam out often, but when I do, that solo from “Shut Up and Dance” is playing. The song brings back many good memories from this past summer and I will always equate it with fun and joy.


There is my compilation of Brent’s Top 5 Best Songs of 2015. Now please excuse me while I take “Shut Up and Dance” off of repeat and put on a certain Kenny Chesney song. Don’t Blink.