Unnecessary Brutality

I became acquainted with it on TikTok. Apparently the algorithm that curates my #FYP feed thought it would resonate with me or deliver some type of entertainment. But even as everyone in the video cheered and laughed, I gazed at my device with a horrified gaze.

Slap fighting is the new “thing” but all I can glean from the spectacle is how disturbing it is. Two opponents take turns smacking the taste out of each other with brutal slaps to the face. The videos that introduced me to slap fighting took place in rowdy bars but there are plenty of organized leagues that stage high stakes competitions. In fact, Dana White now has his own league and on Wednesday night it was the focus of a TBS special. No, I did not watch.

Both men and women compete in slap fighting.

Personally, I ask the question Why? I can’t find any reason why someone would want to offer up their face to someone’s ferocious slap nor do I know the honor of slapping someone else’s defenseless mug. From my perspective, I see no appeal, no benefit, no prestige.

But I am at least humble enough to know that just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that others can’t. Slap fighting isn’t my cup of tea but can’t other people enjoy it? Sure. However, there comes a point that if something is destructive it shouldn’t matter about personal preferences anymore.

Not too long ago a photo surfaced of an individual who just finished a slap fighting bout. It was from a sanctioned competition in one of the organized leagues. The image was brutal. The fellow’s face looked disfigured from the blows to the face. If this is the result of slap fighting is it really something that we want to champion?

It just isn’t about messing up someone’s face; it is about damaging someone’s brain. Slap fighting causes concussions and in a society where we are approaching the point of canceling football because of the head injuries that it causes, should we really be promoting a new “sport” that does the same?

Yes, I know I am asking a lot of questions.

But let me pause the inquires and get to the point: I don’t like slap fighting. I don’t think it has any redeemable qualities for society. I don’t think it should continue. Don’t Blink.