The Three Best Unhealthy Cereals of All-Time

So I know this following blog post is kind of a little stupid and might make me look a little desperate on something to write about but I like to  keep things light hearted from time to time. Plus I am starving right now and would love to eat something ridiculously sweet so please forgive me for this softball post.

I think my parents raised me and my sister and brother the right way when it came to our diets. We definitely did not get to live on junk food and sweets but we did get to be kids and indulge in some of the finer not-so-healthy crap from time to time. We only got to drink soda when we visited my grandparents’ house and when we did, we got no more than half a can. Continuing with the moderation theme, my parents would only let us eat half of a candy bar as well. When it came to fast food, whenever we got to go out to McDonalds it was a special occasion. On those nights where my mom and dad would really wanted to reward us,they would take us out for ice cream.

However, one aspect when it came to food that my parents let slide a little bit was breakfast. Whereas Monday through Friday before we went to school we got the option to eat oatmeal or cheerios, when the weekend came, we got to open the bottom shelf and eat whatever sugary cereal we had picked out at the store earlier that week. We usually had at least two cereals to choose from and sometimes we would get to have a bowl of each!

Growing up, I not only looked forward to the weekends because of cartoons, sports, and no school, but also because of breakfast! I loved those sugary cereals with the colorful boxes and wacky characters associated with each different kind. While I loved everything from Froot Loops to Trix to Cap’n Crunch to Lucky Charms, there are three cereals that I absolutely LOVED growing up that I would still eat today at any given second. Of course they are the most sugar loaded and unhealthy creations ever made that really have no business being called a “cereal” but who cares?!I will share with you which cereals they are and even rank them for you!

3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch- “Cinnamon and sugar in every bite” is the slogan and they definitely were not kidding. This cereal was so good and so addicting. Even as a young tike I could probably eat the whole box. Putting a spoonful in your mouth really gave you a rush of flavor as the sugar and cinnamon assaulted pretty much every taste bud you had. Downside was definitely the rather unpleasant film that would encompass your teeth after eating a bowl. Not my favorite feeling in the world but oh so worth it. One thing about each of these three cereals that I am listing is that they all taste just as good without milk. Attesting to the greatness of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, if you ate them dry with your hands, all of your fingers would be completely covered in cinnamon and sugar. Just a sign of how potent and loaded this cereal really was.

2. Reeses Puffs- There is no other description for this cereal that fits it better than “eating a bowl of candy with milk and a spoon.” Really, it is beyond me how my parents even let me eat this stuff. I can close my eyes and envision taking a bite and tasting exactly what it tasted like. The rich peanut butter and chocolate flavor was so strong, the texture so perfect! Honestly, I am pretty much salivating right now. Again, I can’t describe enough how much of a stretch it really is to call Reeses Puffs a breakfast cereal. I remember my mom pouring the cereal in a zip lock bag and bringing it to the movie theater with us to serve as a cheap snack for me. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Besides Coco Puffs, there is no better cereal than Reeses Puffs that produced a better milk to drink after you had finished eating every piece.

1. Rice Krispie Treats Cereal- My all-time favorite sweet cereal though is Rice Krispie Treats Cereal. The concept of one of my favorite desserts in cereal form captured my little head when I was a youngster. I actually liked the cereal better than the actual treat in bar form…that’s how good it was. It also just put the original Rice Krispie cereal to shame. My favorite part of eating the cereal was getting the especially large clusters in my bowl. My brother and I would compete to see who got the biggest one.  The sweet, marshmallowy taste of each bite was taste bud sensual overload. Looking at it in a bowl you couldn’t help but shake your head and concede that it really looked nothing like a cereal.

So there you have it, my three favorite sugary cereals growing up. These days for breakfast I am rather plain…Monday through Friday I eat a piece of bread with crunchy peanut butter on it. On the weekends, I prefer eggs, sausage, pancakes, etc. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had a sugary cereal. I am definitely not above it, if the opportunity came I would definitely dive right in. But as I mentioned in a previous post, our minds tend to over glorify how things tasted years ago. Who knows how good a big bowl of Rice Krispie Treats cereal would taste today (do they even still make it?).

I apologize again for this lame post. I promise to go back to topics and issues that actually take a little bit of thought. However, I think every blogger is entitled to the nostalgic, lazy “let’s make a list” type post. Until next time, be sure to eat your Wheaties. Don’t Blink.