Lucky 7 For Sloan

Not too long after turning 6, Sloan brought home a certificate from school. She was really proud of it so we made sure to give it prominent placement on our refrigerator. The honor that the certificate bestowed? Most Likely to Brighten Your Day.

Sloan brought this certificate home in April 2023 and it was promptly placed on our refrigerator.

I think that piece of paper accurately described the essence of what it means to be around Sloan—especially this past year. Quite simply, if you spent a few minutes around her, chances are your outlook for the day grew just a bit sunnier. This effect she has on others is why Sidney’s adult friends want to hang out with her, why grocery store clerks give her extra stickers, and why her principal hand-picked her to provide on-camera testimony for the school’s marketing video.

I sure am proud of my 7-year-old. (photo cred: Ocean Simpson Photography)

But let’s get real here. I may be a proud dad but I am also realistic. Even though Sloan dressed up as a saint and was named Future Saint of the Week at school, she has a lot to improve upon before canonization 😂. Bossiness? Lack of Patience? Drama? Well, she’s working on it all…even if it might be listed in the job description of a newly minted 7-year-old.

Sloan dressed up as the Saint of all Saints at a St. Mary Family Faith Night in November.

With that said, her areas for improvement didn’t get in the way during her stint as a 6-year-old. Sloan had a fulfilling and busy trip around the sun. She read 500 books, played t-ball, tried soccer, lost teeth, proclaimed the Word of the Lord at mass, served as the guest announcer at a pro baseball game, ate Happy Meals, ran a drink stand, discovered Taylor Swift, jumped high in a bungee, and aced spelling test after spelling test.

Sloan played soccer for the first time this past year.

While I observed Sloan doing those things, I also had the blessing of directly making special memories with her. Searching for sand dollars as the sun rose on a vacation morning, taking her to a WSU football game, and bonding at the daddy/daughter dance are all highlights I hold dear from her past year.

Our official St. Mary Catholic School Daddy/Daughter Dance photo.

As I look forward to Sloan’s next 365 days, I can’t wait to see what is in store. I know her beautiful and genuine faith in God will continue to blossom. I know she will take our new neighborhood by storm as she makes friends. I know she will amaze Sid and I with her maturity and knowledge.

Thumbs up for knowing it is going to be a great 12 months as a 7-year-old.

And, I know for a fact that she will continue to brighten the days of others. Sloan, you are a special individual with a gigantic heart. I love you and am proud of you—happy birthday! Don’t Blink.

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