Sloan Loses Her First Tooth

It was a momentous evening in the Reser household on Tuesday night. Sloan lost her first tooth.

And thank goodness, because our daughter couldn’t accept having a full mouth of baby teeth any longer. With most of her class losing teeth left and right, Sloan felt the Tooth Fairy had a personal vendetta against her.

After personally wiggling on a tooth that seemed loose-ish for a couple weeks, Sloan allowed her mom to finish the job. With a Taylor Swift song playing in the background to calm nerves, Sidney, who is a self-proclaimed “tooth puller,” extracted Sloan’s first tooth.

On Tuesday night, Sloan lost her first tooth!

I can’t express how thankful I am that my wife wears the pants in the tooth pulling department. I get queasy just watching Sloan wiggle a loose tooth, let alone see one pulled out.

It would have made your night to observe Sloan’s joy as she held her tooth. FaceTime calls were made, pictures were taken, and high fives were exchanged. We had the happiest 6-year-old in the world under our roof.

Sloan cashed in on her tooth by following a Mathis family tradition. In order to avoid accidents and sleep disturbances, a pillow was placed on Sloan’s dresser with a note of explanation: Dear Tooth Fairy – My tooth fell out today! We are scared it might get lost under my pillows with my brother. Hope you will still take it on the dresser. xoxo, Sloan

Sloan left this note for the Tooth Fairy right by the pillow she placed on her dresser.

Indeed, the Tooth Fairy did still take it. Sloan was a little richer this morning and she held her head a little higher when she walked through those school doors. Don’t Blink.

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