Safeway Thursday Rundown

Another week has seemed to speed by! Before it is gone for good, I want to tackle the Thursday Rundown. Here are my latest five topics…

Daddy/Daughter Official Photo – On Tuesday, Sloan was holding a manilla envelope when I picked her up. Inside that envelope was our photo from the St. Mary Daddy/Daughter Dance. Sloan looks beautiful! As for the other character in the picture? Ummm…not so much.

Our official St. Mary Catholic School Daddy/Daughter Dance photo.

Get In My Belly – I would try this in a heartbeat. Lucky Charms ice cream with Lucky Charms marshmallows infused with whipped topping and gold glitter? Yes please! I think I need to make a stop at Cold Stone at the end of the month. I always like to tell the story about my friend from high school who worked at Cold Stone and would occasionally bring me home the free ice cream she would get each shift. The friend knew I loved the peanut butter cup perfection creation and would go overboard loading it with toppings. Man, those were the days.

I want some of this!

National Cereal Day – If I don’t blink an eye when it comes to putting cereal on my ice cream, you can probably figure that I really enjoy it out of the bowl. To use the cliché, I am a “cereal killer” and I definitely have my favorites. A dozen years ago I named Rice Krispie Treats Cereal as my all-time favorite unhealthy cereal. In 2016 I wrote about my top healthy(ish) cereals as granola, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Cracklin’ Oat Bran made my shortlist. Last year to commemorate National Cereal Day, I thought “outside the bowl” by listing my top ways of consuming cereal when spoon and milk aren’t involved. However you happen to celebrate cereal, I hope you are able to do it today.

I love cereal and these cereal bowls we own!

Easter Pop-Its – I could hardly contain my excitement earlier this year when I discovered that TNT made “Exploding Hearts” for Valentine’s Day. Well, now they have Exploding Bunny Poop too. I love how TNT is expanding its trademark Pop-Its product beyond just Independence Day. Although I passed on actually buying the Exploding Hearts, I think I might have to give in with the Easter version; after all, they are just right across the street from me at Safeway.

I found Exploding Bunny Poop at Safeway.

Monopoly Birthday – Monopoly was created 91 years ago today. I played the game a lot as a kid but have not “rolled the Monopoly dice” in quite some time. As I brought up in a blog post from 2.5 years ago, I have the distinction of never testing my board game prowess on a specialized Monopoly set (i.e. WAZZU-Opoly, Spokane-Opoly, Cat-Opoly, etc.). If you are more adventurous than me, what specialized Monopoly game have you played?

Have you ever played a specialized Monopoly game before?


Okay, that will do it for tonight. Thanks for your readership and have a fabulous weekend. Don’t Blink.

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