Ranking My State Flags

Last night, I read a book to the kids called “Stars and Stripes: The Story of the American Flag.” It told the story of how our country’s flag eventually came to be after many different iterations.

This book eventually led us to a conversation about state flags. We looked at an online poster of the 50 different flags and made sure to point out the one that represents the state we currently live in. Doing this was actually eye-opening to me. There are numerous bold and creative state flags that I had little idea about.

For this evening’s brief blog post, I wanted to rank the flags of the three states I have lived in during the course of my life.

This book was informative for the kids and it encouraged additional discussion.

#1. Washington – The state that I have lived in two different times in my life just stands out. There isn’t another green state flag in the nation. And let me tell you, the vibrant green hue of the Washington flag isn’t one that blends it. Classified as “Irish green,” Washington’s flag is just really…um…green? Ha! And then of course in the middle of that vast green landscape you have George Washington’s portrait, giving the banner of my state another distinction: the only state flag with a historical figure on it. It might not be aesthetically pleasing but I love my state flag!

Perhaps it is bias, but I like the obnoxious green color of the Washington flag.

#2. South Carolina – I really like the South Carolina flag for two reasons. First, I like its simplicity. You have the crescent and the palmetto tree against a blue background. No state seal, no scenic artwork, no words. Second, I appreciate its marketability. The crescent and palmetto tree are placed on everything in South Carolina and there is no doubt that when you see them, you think immediately of the state they represent. I sure enjoy drinking out of the pint glass I have in my cupboard that is adorned with the palmetto tree.

I like the simplicity and marketability of the South Carolina flag.

#3. Montana – Although I have it ranked at the bottom, the Montana flag isn’t bad, it just doesn’t stand out like Washington and South Carolina. I think it is neat that there is a nature depiction that characterizes Montana’s beauty but it is tough to see and other states have similar artwork. Also, whereas the Washington and South Carolina flags don’t need the name of their states spelled out in large letters to convey who they are, Montana obviously feels the need.

I admire the effort, but the Montana state flag isn’t my favorite.


Have you lived in a state that you feel knocks it out of the park when it comes to the state flag? Full disclosure, my favorite state flag besides the one listed above is California. Another random thought: One of these days I think it would be cool for Sidney and I to have something made that combines both the Washington and South Carolina flags. Okay, I think I am done for tonight. I hope you have plenty of pride for the state flag that represents the state you hold most dear. Don’t Blink.

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