Happy 3rd Birthday, Sloan!

If you ever have a few weeks between jobs, I recommend you take your child out of daycare and spend as much time with her as possible. I was blessed to have this luxury with my sweet little girl throughout the latter half of February and first half of March.

Sloan made a terrific 2-year-old. Time now to be a 3-year-old.

During this span, we spent Sloan’s final weeks as a 2-year-old doing non-stop activities both inside and outside of the house. Whether it was story time at the library, fun at the trampoline park, shenanigans at the indoor playhouse, experiments at our kitchen table, or riding bikes in our neighborhood, I cherished every second of it.

Sloan and I making “Ocean Water.” She loved doing experiments.

Although it would have been the icing on the cake to continue the fun throughout her third birthday, life opportunities sometimes call you in a different direction. Today, this blog post will have to suffice.

Over the past year, Sloan developed into a smart, sassy, loving, at-times-naughty, mischievous, and playful little girl. She wowed us with her intelligence, exasperated us with her stubbornness, and melted our heart with her capacity to love. At times it was tough to be around her and at times it was tough to stop holding her.

Sometimes it was tough to put this girl down.

During the past 52 weeks, her personality grew just as much as the curls on her head. Countless times throughout the year Sloan would say things that would make Sid and I look at each other and wonder Where did she learn that from? She showed her affectionate side and she showed her “terrible twos” side as well.

Many milestones transpired during Sloan’s time as a 2-year-old. She helped her mommy bake, she visited the southernmost point in the country, she dressed up as Peppa Pig, she learned to ride a bike, she memorized books and prayers, she developed her singing voice, and she acquired a taste for salad.

Sloan dressed up as Peppa Pig for Halloween.

Oh yeah, she also became a big sister.

For all the times she tested our patience over the past year, she made up for it tenfold by the love and selflessness she has shown toward Beau. Since the day we brought him home from the NICU, all that Sloan has wanted to do is care for him. Whether it be holding him, feeding him, or helping us with a diaper change, she has stepped into that big sister role with complete grace.

Sloan has embraced her role as a big sister.

I miss my little girl so much and hate to miss out on her turning 3. I fear that she will pause and wonder where is my daddy? With that said, I know she is going to have a special birthday celebration with Sid’s family.

Sloan, I am so proud of you! As crazy as it might sound, this year might be even more monumental than the year you just completed. Based on the special girl you are, I know you will just continue to thrive. 30 days and counting. Don’t Blink.

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