She’s 4!

After 364 days of waiting, my daughter’s special day is finally here. Today Sloan turns 4 and I would bet a pot of gold that she is happier than even the jolliest leprechaun. After a countdown that lasted far longer than the 17-day board that Sidney made for her, the spotlight is finally shining on our curly-haired bolt of energy.

After lots of waiting, Sloan’s birthday is here!

She deserves it.

Sloan awoke a 4-year-old this morning.

Last March 17 she celebrated her birthday during a rather confusing time. The world was shutting down and her dad had just left a few days prior to move across the country. She would be on that same track a couple months later, leaving everything she knew to relocate to a vastly different state. She took it in stride, not just adjusting but thriving. Despite the major life event and the daily changes, nothing rattled her enough to cease asking that repetitive question: Daddy, when is it going to be my birthday?

This girl has been non-patiently waiting for her birthday for a long time.

Over the past 12 months her mental intellect—well, let’s just call it her sass—has grown as fast as her hair. She is witty and to the point, making us question where the heck does she get it? Earlier this month, Sidney asked her who she wanted to invite to her birthday party. Sloan didn’t miss a beat.

“Mikayla and Johnny, DUH.

Thanks to my dad for commemorating Sloan’s birthday with this drawing.

The two names singled out by our very direct daughter are her two cousins. If the content of her answer didn’t satisfy Sid so much, who feared she might have to put the kibosh on an extended guest list if it was requested, she would have told Sloan to check her attitude. It wouldn’t have been the first time.

Sloan requested that Mik and Johnny attend her birthday party on Saturday. We will make that happen!

But make no mistake about it, there is much more to Sloan than her sass. Over the past year she has developed empathy and courtesy. Although she still might have trouble sharing or act out when things don’t go her way, she will request to write a note to a friend whose dog died or pray for the well-being of someone she knows is sick.

Our girl definitely has a bold personality. 

As a 3-year-old she became obsessed with LOL dolls, watched “Trolls” a thousand times, ate way too many Happy Meals, danced hard to Camila Cabello’s “My Oh My,” crushed on Ryan from YouTube, and discovered the magic of Doritos.

Aside from all the toddler pop culture influences and her posse of imaginary friends, she developed actual relationships as well. Sloan is a great big sister. She quickly made friends with her classmates at school. The friendship she has with her cousins is special. The love she has for both pairs of grandparents is truly genuine.

Sloan is heading in the direction of a 4-year-old.

And oh yeah, she likes her mommy and daddy too.

We look forward to another year of growth for Sloan. I take comfort knowing that this will be a year of stability. Watch out “4,” you got a little girl who is going to take you for a ride! Thank you God for Sloan. Don’t Blink.

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