Trap Door Thursday Rundown

Hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for joining me for another Thursday Rundown. If you are in a reading mood, take a look at this week’s five topics…

The Birthday Tradition – We do it every year. I throw on the green polo I wore when Sloan was born and we re-create the first photo we ever took together. Hard to believe that this is the fifth time we have taken the picture!

It is a tradition that around March 17 we always re-enact the first photo we ever took together…and I always bust out my green polo.

Ozark – Sidney and I are watching the most stimulating and thought-provoking series since we finished “Yellowstone.” At the recommendation of my parents (of all people) we are watching “Ozark,” which is available on Netflix. The show stars Jason Bateman and chronicles his money laundering schemes while trying to provide for and protect his family. Sid and I are on the second season as we continue to be amazed at the situations the characters find themselves in and the twists and turns that transpire. If you are looking for a series that isn’t going to overwhelm you with endless seasons (there are just three) and you are looking to be entertained, “Ozark” might be for you.

“Ozark” is a pretty entertaining series.

Leprechaun Trap – On St. Patrick’s Eve, Sloan made a leprechaun trap. With help from her mom, she made a structure that was designed to lure one of the green elves to a container of gold pieces only to fall through a trap door. Although it was masterfully built, on St. Patrick’s Day morning Sloan received a note from Marshmallow the Leprechaun giving Sloan credit for her creative trap but also pointing out that he didn’t fall for/in it. Ol’ Marshmallow did leave a surprise for Sloan though…you can see what he did by clicking here.

Sloan making her leprechaun trap and a bird’s-eye view of what she made. Can you see how it works?

NCAA Tournament – It might not be exactly like the March Madness tourneys we have come to know and love but the 2021 NCAA Tournament is sure better than no tournament. In fact, I kind of like the unique wrinkle of it being entirely in Indianapolis. If the event can go off with no major outbreaks I think it has the potential to be memorable and a lot of fun to watch! I will be rooting for Gonzaga to pull off an undefeated season and win its first national championship. I also will pull for Eastern Washington to upset Kansas. Finally, I hope Wayne Tinkle makes a deep run with his Oregon State Beavers.

I am excited that the NCAA Tournament is back.

Grocery List – I have to share another meme from the Instagram Story of Lindsi Glass. When I saw this one I couldn’t help but laugh and relate. When I go grocery shopping, I usually require that Sidney send me multiple screenshots of the products she wants. It’s all about the pictures, man! Sometimes things like this are just the best way to get through to guys.

I appreciate this type of grocery list.


Thanks to everyone who wished Sloan a happy birthday yesterday, she had a wonderful day! Hope everyone is enjoying the extra daylight and that you get to take advantage of it this weekend. Don’t Blink.

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