Singing Thursday Rundown

The smoke is starting to dissipate as Sloan can finally go outside again. But as our smokey reminder of the horrific fires raging up and down the west coast states starts to disappear , I am trying to do my best to keep in mind those who are living through hell. On that somber note, let’s start the Thursday Rundown.

Smokey Night – While on the subject of the smoke, I thought I would share a photo of what the evenings have looked like the past several nights. I took this image from our back deck as you can see what looks to be a white sky at 11 p.m. It was an odd site to fall asleep to.

Our back deck is accessed by the master bedroom. So falling asleep to this sight was definitely a little weird.

Happy Family – This past weekend we celebrated my niece’s birthday. My family, my parents, my siblings, and their significant others/children all attended. With all of us COVID-free, we posed for this photo. All 13 of us are represented and oh so happy. I really like it.


Singing Dogs – The Sunday paper always has a feature that focuses on tidbits about animals and nature. Last week I saw something that gave me pause. Even though I am not a dog person, the quick report on singing dogs interested me. I kept thinking about how strange it would be if I heard literal singing coming from outside and I opened the door to find a dog that was believed to be extinct. I hope the hounds that were found will be able to multiply under a controlled environment.

This was the first time I ever heard of singing dogs.

Marking Sloan’s Half Birthday – Today, Sloan turned 3 and a half. I used to be strictly against celebrating half birthdays but my tune changed once we started having kids. A year ago on this date I wrote about my altered attitude and made some observations about Sloan’s half birthday. In six short months we will have a 4-year-old!

Sloan turned three and a half today.

Currently Watching – With “Captive” finished, we needed to watch something else to give us a little break from our “Boy Meets World” binging. Well, we have finally started watching “Yellowstone.” Even though we might be the last people on the planet to discover it, we are still enjoying it. I am also watching “Monday Night War,” a TWENTY-episode documentary series available on Peacock chronicling the ratings war between WWE Monday Raw and WCW Monday Nitro. Definitely no shortage of entertainment.

I am enjoying watching both “Yellowstone” and “Monday Night War.”


Let us remember those impacted by COVID, the fires, Hurricane Sally, and senseless violence. Have a nice weekend. Don’t Blink

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