Sloan’s Taylor Swift-Themed 7th Birthday Party

Watch a quick video of Sloan’s Taylor Swift-themed birthday party

There was no doubt the theme of Sloan’s birthday party this year. She developed into quite the Swiftie as a 6-year-old and for several months she had a pretty clear idea how she wanted to celebrate.

Are you ready for it?!…

We threw Sloan a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party!

On Saturday, March 16, 2024, Sloan had her 7th birthday party.

Thanks to Sidney’s creativity and the generosity of our friend, Fidela Perry, the party was just about as fun as attending an actual T.Swift concert.

Sloan had a great 7th birthday party.

Fidela ordered Taylor Swift Eras Tour VIP passes to make the girls feel special. She also ordered materials for a backdrop.

Each Swiftie was given a credential, microphone, and heart-shaped glasses.

Sidney turned our living room into an all-access backstage party hall. She spent a lot of time decorating, planning the party activities, and putting together a menu.

A look at Sidney’s handiwork.

Sloan and six of her best friends lived out their Taylor Swift dreams. They made friendship bracelets using a plentiful rainbow-assortment of beads…

The girls going through the line to pick up the materials they needed for their friendship bracelets.

I read to them the Taylor Swift Little Golden Book…

I read a Taylor Swift book at the party.

We negotiated with Disney+ to release the Eras Tour movie the night before the party so the girls could watch/sing along to it…

Thanks to lucky timing, the girls got to watch the Eras Tour movie.

Of course being a Swiftie requires a lot of enthusiasm so cake was needed to replenish energy levels…

Sidney bringing Sloan her cake.

And the backdrop provided a great spot to document the party animals who attended the special day…

These girls made the party so much fun!

The concert…I mean party…went off without a hitch. Sloan had so much fun and it was definitely her best birthday party yet. Even a dad like myself had a pretty good time 😉. Don’t Blink.

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