Here Is 36

As I advance in age, I have attempted to soften the blow of each passing year by naming it. For example, last birthday I coined it my “Presidential Year” as I turned 35 and was legally eligible to run for President of the United States. This year, I have gone completely nerdy and themed turning 36 as my “6 (Squared)Year.” Talk about riveting excitement, right?

That’s the thing. It is hard to spin 36 as anything but just a normal year. There is no milestone associated with it nor anything that makes it flashy or sexy. Perhaps the only thing it has going for it is that it is still several years away from 40.

Today I turned 36 and Sid once again made my favorite birthday cake—Candy Bar Cake.

So as I enter into a new year with little fanfare, I still embrace it with a full heart. I feel blessed and I am grateful to God for another year on Earth. Turning 36 isn’t a given, so I am thankful to reach this age, especially with full mental/physical capabilities and no major ailments. A birthday is time to be appreciative of the bigger picture.

And that bigger picture is what I have focused on for my past several birthday posts—sorry if these get really repetitive. But why not? I used to fret about turning a year older but that negative obsession ceased once I entered my thirties. With a loving family of my own, a strong faith, and a satisfying career, you grow to feel content and not worry about an extra candle gracing the cake.

Speaking of cake, I ate some today. I also played flag football, attended the Whitworth football game, and scarfed down pizza. I may have enjoyed a beer, too. Not a bad day, right?

This trip around the sun will kick off with a bang. I have a couple of big opportunities with work and a development or two on the home front. Better hold on tight, 36 is ready to make an impression. Don’t Blink.

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