Profanity Thursday Rundown

Are you still riding the beautiful sunshine into October like we are? Autumn sure is gorgeous in Spokane and we are making sure to appreciate it. Speaking of things to appreciate, here is the latest Thursday Rundown…

F@#$ – The book that made me laugh the most this week was “Daddy Said A Word* I Never Heard.” It chronicles a young girl who observes her dad in various situations reacting with expletives. However, the profanity is expressed with Swedish furniture words. The young girl eventually goes to school and uses some of her father’s colorful language in the classroom. The teacher makes a phone call home and the dad has to re-evaluate what he says in the presence of his daughter. I must say that the book is creative and hilarious, but it also packs an important lesson that all parents should heed.

This book was creative, fun, and packed a relevant message for parents. I recommend “Daddy Said A Word I Never Heard.”

Latest Movies – Sidney and I found time to watch a couple films this week. We started with the much-hyped “Hocus Pocus 2.” Let me put it this way: In a blog post this week, I called the original movie “overrated.” The sequel is half as good as “Hocus Pocus.” Take that as you will. We also watched “Meet Cute,” a time travel movie on Peacock that stars Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco. I have been critical of Davidson in the past, but I thought his performance in this film was pretty solid. The movie had an eccentric vibe, which I didn’t mind, but I don’t think it did enough to differentiate itself from the countless other “Groundhog Day”-esque that exist in cinema. I wouldn’t recommend either film.

I wouldn’t recommend “Hocus Pocus 2” or “Meet Cute.”

National Noodle Day – Today we celebrate National Noodle Day, a day I don’t know what we would do without. Yes, I am kidding. But I am not joking about my genuine love for noodles. Whether ramen, pasta, chow mein, or its many other forms, I could easily exist on a noodle-exclusive diet. In honor of today, I share a photo of something that Sid picked up at Fred Meyer back in July 2021. Called Trio Italiano, it was a pasta with three different types of noodles—rotini, penne, and shells. It made for delicious buttered noodles!

This wasn’t your normal package of noodles.

Go Mariners – Big congrats to the Seattle Mariners for overcoming the most depressing streak in major men’s North American spots! A 21-year playoff drought was snapped this past weekend as the M’s clinched a Wild Card spot. Part of me feels overjoyed and another part of me feels really old. I vividly remember the last time Seattle played in the postseason more than two decades ago. Dang, how fast time goes. Even though I am no longer the diehard Mariners fan I was growing up, I wish the ball club the best of luck in the playoffs. I wouldn’t mind a World Series appearance.

Congratulations to the Mariners for ending their playoff drought!

DIVA – Tie-dye pajamas…oversized unicorn…sleep mask…yep, that’s a diva! But we love Sloan for it and this image earns Don’t Blink Picture of the Week.

She takes after her mom.


Okay, let’s wrap this up. I am looking forward to the best weekend of the year (any guesses why?). Don’t Blink.

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