July 1 Thursday Rundown

Happy July, my friends! Nothing screams “SUMMER” louder than this month and I hope you enjoy it to its full extent. Let’s dive into this week’s Rundown…

Coin Dance – One cherished Italian tradition that will take place at Glen’s wedding reception this Sunday will be the Coin Dance. During one of the reception dances, children will be invited to the dance floor to pick up coins that will fly in the proximity of the bride and groom. The tradition, done in the name of good luck, is always a highlight of the reception and produces some of the best wedding photos. As our family was excitedly chatting about the tradition in our group thread, my mom sent a photo of the Coin Dance at her wedding almost 40 years ago. I followed with one from ours.

Photos from the Coin Dance at both my wedding and the wedding of my parents.

Don’t F*** With Cats – The show I am highlighting in this Thursday Rundown is a Netflix documentary series Sidney and I finished a couple days ago. Called “Don’t F*** With Cats” it tells the story of a committed team of internet sleuths that attempt to bring to justice one truly deranged individual. It is one of those shows that you binge because you are on the edge of your seat as things seem to get crazier and crazier. If you want to stay inside this weekend with your air conditioning, “Don’t F*** With Cats” might be calling your name.

This docuseries was binge-worthy.

Fun Noodles – There is probably no rhyme or reason for why I need to share this but I guess I will anyway. I thought this pasta that Sid picked up at Fred Meyer last week was pretty unique. The package contained THREE different noodles—rotini, penne, and shells. For someone who loves pasta as much as I do, I got a pretty good kick out of Trio Italiano. Let me tell you, I put forth my complete effort when I made buttered noodles that night.

This wasn’t your normal package of noodles.

Championship Parade – Five years ago it was a surreal moment as we welcomed home the Coastal Carolina University baseball team fresh off its College World Series victory the day before. The Chants paraded around Conway and then marched into Springs Brooks Stadium for a community celebration. What a scene it was. I remember the pride and I remember the joy but I also remember the heat. The humidity was indescribably thick that day and was by far the hottest event I ever covered. But what a moment for the university. Who knew that it would be rivaled 4.5 years later when College Gameday rolled onto campus.

July 1, 2016, was an extrememly hot and humid day inside Springs Brooks Stadium as we welcomed the Chanticleer baseball team home from a College World Series title.

Godzilla Actor – Would you believe that Godzilla was once played by an actual person in a suit? We are talking less CGI monster of recent movies and more like Reptar from “Rugrats.” Thought this photo of the actor stepping outside the suit with a huge smile on his face was kind of neat.

Thought it was cool to see Godzila humanized in this way.


That’s a wrap on tonight. All blessings to my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law as they prepare to wed this Sunday. Happy Fourth of July to everyone and God Bless America. Don’t Blink.

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