Defining My Legacy At 37

You came here to see what I have coined my 37th year, huh? Oh, you don’t know what I am talking about? As I revealed last year, upon entering my late-30s it became apparent that my birthdays aren’t as exciting anymore. To cope with this, I have tried to spice them up by naming each year. When I turned 35 I called it my “Presidential Year” since I became eligible to run for the United States Presidency. Last year, I labeled my 36th year as my “6 (Squared) Year” because I am nerdy like that.

This year? Drum roll please…

It is my “Legacy Year.” This one might be a little bit of a stretch for some of you. The number “37” is very important at the University of Montana where I attended college and later worked in the athletic department. The #37 football jersey, since 1987, is presented to a student-athlete from Montana who epitomizes the spirit of the state. The graduating football player who wore the #37 jersey passes it on to a new student-athlete who hails from Montana and is an undeniably a hard-nosed and dedicated player. The #37 tradition is summarized as the “Grizzly Legacy.” So, to make a long story short, this is my legacy year.

Today I celebrate my 37th birthday.

Ha! You still with me? Well, enough about what I am calling this year, I am just blessed to still be on this earth. Reaching 37 is anything but a given and I am so thankful to have a vibrant and happy life that is filled with so many special family members and friends.

When I look back on my 36th year I find myself reflecting on some major milestone moments but I will save all that stuff for my 2023 recap in late December. I believe a birthday should be more about looking forward, regardless of how uncomfortable an additional candle on the birthday cake can make us feel.

As I have grown older and wiser (my wife might disagree about the latter), I have learned to accept and celebrate these annual “promotions” to a new age. To me, it just symbolizes another year to make an impact and grow as a person. When you begin a new trip around the sun it must be accepted as an opportunity.

Today has been great. I attended mass, celebrated with my Young Adult Catholic group, partied with my family (parents, siblings, etc.), and spent quality time with my wife and kids. I messed around and drank a couple beers and ate some cake, too. How do you beat that?

I am looking forward to life as a 37-year-old. If Day #1 is any indication of how this newest age of mine is going to go, I think I am in for a real treat. Don’t Blink.

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