Happy At 30

It is official. I am old. No longer can I hide behind the excuse that I am “in my twenties” (despite holding onto it all the way through my last day as a  29-year-old). Today I turned 30 and I can’t deny that the age carries with it a notion that I am now a mature grownup. Those carefree years of being a twenty-something are gone.

So go ahead and throw all those “old” jokes at me. I deserve them and I will take them in the stride. However, I don’t know if I would be such a good sport if things weren’t as good as they are now. Because, to be honest, I am too happy to worry about my advancing age.

As a new 30-year-old I have an amazing wife who I couldn’t imagine life without. The two of us have a baby on the way who will be here in less than six months. We both have good jobs with a nice place to come home to at night. We have amazing families who love us both very much.

But let me stop with the bragging because I can sense all my readers throwing up in their mouths right now. Basically I just want to get across the point that I realize I am not young anymore but at the same time I am not stressing too much about it.

My 29th year was the best one of my life. What a great way to lead me into my thirties. Furthermore, 2016 has already cemented itself as the best calendar year of my life. To know that I have three more months of this blessed year to warm me up to being 30 is a good feeling.I am ready to be old!

Thanks to everyone in my life who has made my first three decades on this earth so rich. I am extremely lucky and I love you all. Don’t Blink.

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